Anyway to restore the lost SR?

As Doom, I’m dependent on my support a lot :(. But I mean I can play other heroes, but I like playing doom and I believe I’m pretty well skilled with him.

What I keep finding, is that unless I have a decent tank/decent support I’m just jumping around to health packs and while I can get the softies, it’ll take a junkrat trap to end my onslaught.

That or just go Pharah/Torb, but even then if you don’t have strong tanks support you’re not doing much it feels like.




cuz if you did it once that means you cna do it again. And exemple you finished 4.3k and get placed 3.9k Youll win more sr than lose cuz your mmr is 4.3k

i know its hard i am high master/low gm myself but i can see why they did that


Due to a game crash, is what I’m asking. The game literally bugged out at the competitive entry screen. If it was just a loss, I’d agree but I thought I’d ask if this existed since it should be logged.

i once lost 700 sr in 2 weeks, i eventually climbed back

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I don’t mean to flame, but I’ve met very few “good dooms” below like mid diamond. Generally they’d be better off going most other picks in my experience. If you want to play them, that’s fine, but I think you’d have a significantly easier time climbing as almost any other hero, especially one that isn’t so team-dependent.

You gotta not rely on having a decent tank or support if you really want to climb though. Hard truth is there are no “decent tanks” or “decent supports” at any rank when you’re trying to climb. If you’re trying to climb, you have to be better than your tanks and supports inherently, which raises the bar for decent. Otherwise you’re getting carried, not the other way around.


Nice input, thank you I really appreciate it. And thanks for the doom insight. I’ve been watching a lot of GM-top 500 streamers lately, and I notice also they usually only play doom when things are getting hectic. They don’t rely on him.

I can also play genji and tracer, which too be honest I find tracer to be VERY easy in this ELO. You don’t even really have to kill anything - I’ll just warp around behind all of their tanks and force Rein to focus me, thus allowing the team to go in or if they have heavy bunker comp - go Genji and damage deflect everything and dive their back line.

I probably should stop playing Doom so much, but I did have this account at about 800 SR and I climbed 800=>1700 ish with playing mainly only doom.

It just stinks! Doom is so rewarding when you play him well, and it’s so satisfying when you’re with a team that works together.

if you love doom you can one trick him and learn so you can improve and climb, i’ve seen good one trick dooms even in diamond

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You might also notice that all of those GM and T500 Dooms are generally playing Doom with a few GM or T500 Supports on their team. That makes a huge difference. Doom can carry, but it’s disproportionately difficult to the level that most other heroes can carry, considering how easy it is to feed as him.

GMs and high ranked players in general can provide great tips, because they often have a fantastic understanding of the basics of the game, a role, and multiple heroes in general. However, just watching their gameplay when they’re playing with other GM players is not the most conducive to learning, because what works in GM doesn’t always work in Diamond, or Silver, and so on.

I wouldn’t watch ML7 playing Ana in GM to learn everything about playing Ana in Plat, for example. He’s often able to neglect healing someone because in GM people tend to know when to simply stop taking damage rather than to rely on a healer that may be otherwise occupied.

Thanks, that’s what I try to do! I get a lot of compliments usually and I mean I also average 20-40 elims a game, my best elim count is 51 so far.

Usually between 10-23k damage as well and a lot of times if I can get a mercy pocket in this elo it’s really easy to do just about anything, especially with damage boost. I’m not a huge fan of nano since everyone just runs from you, and doom’s cooldowns are so punishing.

But yeah thanks man, that’s what I try to do! But I feel like every team I play against has some group of smurfs, or my team just has no idea what to do.

Yesterday, I played on Volskaya and was able to coach the whole team to an easy win using a Sym teleporter on attack, but like before I started doing that tanks were just running in 1 by 1 directly into the choke, and being eaten alive by the bastion. I was just standing there watching it like REALLY GUYS?!

i believe you can climb, i was bronze myself when i started, you just have to work on your weaknesses and improve your strengths

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Yeah…Generally on attack for instance, I always flank I’ll punch my way around behind them, or hide on the side - and once I see the tanks start to engage as a group (key word, GROUP. lol. if they don’t group i just sit there and continually wait, or eventually go in and end up suiciding) and then I’ll dive the back line and punch out and keep repeating.

It usually works really well! But you have those times when the team just runs around, or Mei decides she’s going to be a hero and flanks all on her own :(.

Yes there is a way to get your sr back… by winning 15 match in a row.


Haha yes of course :). Just trying to avoid that.

I lost it due to a game crash, not a loss or anything. But I get it.

There is no way other than that. If you get your sr back then every leaver gets it back and sometimes it will just create a lot of boosted player. Like let say you disconnect a lot because of crash and get to a peak after like 2.9k. They give the sr back and you are now 3.2k, which you never achieved before and which is only a peak.


It’s better to go in together without a plan, then to go and do the optimal route, alone. Stop wasting energy on arguing in comms.

Based on what you described it sounds like you are having disconnection or high latency issues when trying to play Overwatch. Disconnections will result in match losses and the appropriate penalties. You are responsible for your connection and should avoid playing Competitive at the first sign of a disconnection or high latency. Blizzard is unable to restore any SR due to technical issues. You can read about their policy here:

If you would like assistance with these issues, troubleshooting is available here:

Or visit the tech support forum for more assistance.


you are a great representation of the word “ignorance”

Remember the time hamster could DC you from server? Remember how it took me 3 games to realize what was going on? Remember the 150SR you stole from me? Imagine if they had just posted a message like “Don’t play comp rn we released a bugged patch”. Nope took a full day to ban ball from comp. but it’s my fault because I should have known not to play because of server dc. It’s my fault.

Rip 150 hamster Sr :hamster:

PS: at 10sr an hour that’s 15 hours of my life. 225$ Before tax.

Nope, wasn’t high latency. I have a fiber connection and the internet never went out. It was most likely a piece of bad hardware, or a strange gaming bug. But it wasn’t a connection problem.