Anything on Tuesday?


Should we expect anything? Yes? No?


Expect the unexpected.


They have a scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, so it might go live then.


Didn’t they say they were doing maintenance last Wednesday and never did? I was playing during their “Down time”


No. Expectation leads to disappointment.


The thing is listed to “Wednesday September 18th 11am PDT” with a downtime of an hour.

Idk what is happening for the whole servers to be down for an hour tho.


Last week there was a message at the bottom left of the screen stating “Wednesday September 11 from 7-9 PM” And I logged in and played at that time.

I messaged my friend about it on the 9th and messaged him again on the 11th stating that I had been playing during the stated “Maintenance time” so I doubt it.


Yes. A disappointment. :smirk:


Some pc players have reported a background download so who knows.

We are due for something so cross thy fingers


Yes, there was background download. Maybe the PTR update is going to live? Theres really no reason that PTR was held for so long, unless they are waiting something to be done and release it.


Probably waiting until after OWL grand finals. Although it’s possible they push the update out and play the GF on an old patch.


Bug fixes propably…



Changes to PTR or live servers are usually a Thursday, Tuesday thing though


There’s a background download which means 1.40 is coming tomorrow. That’s August 22 PTR patch.
Changes not included in that post: When Sigma gets hacked, his shield disappears and Winged Victory new ult voice line.


Just openned to see if true and downloading 658mb.


Bnet maintenance rather? Bottom left isn’t what I see for OW maintenance, they’re usually in the middle screen layout when they’re announced, at least on my screen. Bnet ones are always bottom for me on the other hand.


I should clarify I saw this message on Xbox and Playstation before you press “A” (or “X”) on the main screen


Ah, then I have remotely no clue so, rip.