Anyone who approaches Genji's pick rate gets nerfed


It is the pros fault because they know they have more power in balance decsion and abuse it. They saw how Tracer got hacked somewhat consistently and panicked.

Edit: The pros had the advantage that they played on servers with 0 ping and they didnt experience half the issues with hack bugs which we had on the live servers. Regardless, Sombra eventually ended up in f-tier again during that same season.


There wasn’t anything to adapt to, she was powerful at the pro level before her buffs, her buffs pushed her into OP territory.

NA Contenders players and OWL players also stepped up and said that she was overperforming in their scrims, being far too powerful and Korean Contenders backs this up.

People don’t seem to realize how impactful a single hack is at the pro level, denying even 1 enemy their entire kit before a push makes a huge difference, you’re effectively fighting a 5v6 if you hack the right target (Which was made incredibly easy because of the changes) and you never got punished for using hack wrong due to it simply refreshing the second it got broken.


There was literally 0 time to adapt to her changes. No hack wasnt too strong. She wouldnt be pushed back to f-tier otherwise like the hotfix nerf did.

As a matter of fact, current hack after many fixes is very close to where it has been a year ago before she got nerfed. Yet, she is not used. Surprise.


She wasn’t. This is a flat-out lie, my dude.

She was used previously on 2CP maps as an EMP bot. But when other heroes got buffed and she got powercrept, she wasn’t even used there.

Like I get it and I agree, she’s not as weak as she was before but you’re lying and stating false information if you’re saying she was being used before her buff. She absolutely wasn’t.

Aside from that, being used in Contenders to mediocre success shouldn’t be grounds for leaving her unviable for the remaining 99.70% of the playerbase.


She was also the most played DPS during the World Cup this year.

If she’s such a useless hero why would she be picked over Genji, Widowmaker, Doomfist, etc. even after her nerfs.


As a counterpick to goats, which had mediocre success.
She is not used on ladder, like at all.


Also not true.

She had a 32% pickrate overall in the Overwatch World Cup.

D.Va, Lucio, Winston, Ana, Brigitte, Reinhardt, Zenyatta, and Zarya had higher pickrates.


Who cares how much she’s used on ladder?

Ladder players can solve their issues by improving, no such option is available for pro players so anything too powerful there naturally becomes a must pick, even if it is exclusively at the pro level it’s still terrible balancing.


Most played DPS


People who play the game.


I just report them for spam and move on. The OP ignores anybody who disagrees with him, so these threads really don’t have much of a purpose. We definitely don’t need a new one everyday.


Then improve and start playing the game how it’s meant to be played if you want Sombra to viable.

Any buffs to her will just result in her becoming even more powerful than she already is at the top level.

For the majority of the playerbase Widowmaker isn’t a good pick, does this mean we should buff Widowmaker to make her one for most players and simultaneously make her ridiculously overtuned at the top level?


Widow is played on ladder unlike Sombra. Has like more than triple the pickrate.

You cant improve beyond GM on ladder. Even in GM she doesnt hit 1% pickrate.



Sombra will either be too powerful at the pro level or too weak on the ladder.

Having a hero be too weak is always a better alternative to them being oppressive and overtuned in any situation.


That has yet to be proven that she was OP or will be OP when buffed. Fact is that in her “glory stage 3” she ended up being f-tier again ,where everyone thought she was OP.


genji is popular because who wouldn’t wanna play cyborg ninja

even if they nerfed him he would still have a high pickrate just like mccree being garbage for years and still being the top picked dps


This is some creepy stalker crap right here. Sad you went through all that trouble.


Winstonslab data from games that happened on the Soldier 76 patch:

Usage Rates:

Soldier 76: 45.44%
Tracer: 53.20%
Genji: 35.98%

Tracer is her own issue but to say Soldier was ‘only as good as Genji’ when being picked almost 10% more over the course of a patch that lasted 6 months is a flat out lie.

The difference between Genji and Soldier was larger than the difference between Tracer (The most powerful DPS in the game at the pro level up until Brigitte’s release) and Soldier was smaller than the difference between Soldier and Genji.


and yet my baby D.Va got nerfed for this same reason. Or was there ever a D.Va meta that I was not aware of


Because the entire OWL stage was played on the same patch.

Sombra buffs never went to the OWL games.

Stage 3 was played on the patch she was nerfed on (1.21)