Anyone Wanna Talk About Horizon?

PTR changes ahoy and all- but nobody’s talking about the massive changes that happened to this map!

These changes look fantastic, defense friendly and especially more Ana friendly second point! (lookin real pretty at that staircase to the sniper platform)

Hopefully the way the spawn changed it’s less stall-y too! I’m excited!!


They seem nice and a good sign of how the devs are working on their map design, i’m excited for that as well, tho its ways out so thats a thing.

They already mentioned it.

Can’t wait to see the finished version :slight_smile:

My bad! I was drowned up in the discussion of the hero changes. Thought it should have some more attention anyway, even if far away.

That’s understandable! I don’t think anyone else, besides that thread, actually mentioned it. But I’m really happy they’re changing it up because good God, that map is awful to play on. :disappointed: