Anyone else worried of the future of Balence?

Oh it’s not like everybody’s schedule got battered by a worldwide pandemic, I mean, devs work from home all the time and their mental state shouldn’t affect our precious content right? /s

Look, the only thing that blizz has done wrong so far is letting people like you populate these forums


They had years of terrible balance when there wasnt the pandemic. They just dont make healthy decisions for the game. Hoping valorant forces them to rethink things.

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(Meanwhile I had a rough night at work.)

Ya. But before the pandemic it’s not like they were doing anything that made sense for the state of the game.

Given they made a good hero like Ashe, and then gave her a clip size buff to basically cover up her main weakness, I feel like they really don’t know their own game well.


They will never balance it to everyone’s liking.

For example some ppl think Echo is broken and some dont.

No games ever be balanced. There will always be a reason to say it’s unbalanced. No matter what.

Nah, I think Beyonce will be quite well off no matter what.

honestly they’ve subverted every expectation i have back and forth so i really can’t gauge them at all.
all i can say is that it’s exciting.

Lol so season 8 game of thrones balance, it all makes sense now

pretty much.
never got to the 8:th season of GoT though.

I’m very hopeful actually. CC reductions galore, Reaper nerfs, Mei nerfs, armor revert…

There’s no such thing as perfect, we shouldn’t let that be the judge of everything. Most of the time good is good enough, we’re not landing on the moon. Actually apart from Orisa’s I reckon every balance decision was good since 2-2-2.

I’m much more worried about the game itself. I don’t think we can survive until OW2 comes out, we needed more tanks and supports, Echo’s release date was a mistake, I don’t think Blizz sees that issue because their released a DPS.

Would be a lot easier if they listen to me more often :stuck_out_tongue:

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

From what I see right now I think we are fine to be honest. The game is pretty balanced, I think Doom could use a buff tho.

What future?

20 characters.

Jokes aside they need to actually try that again properly. (with buffed supports.)

I mean we already know the future of Overwatch balance.
Slow, ineffective small number changes that are months apart.

We’ve been doing this for a very long time. And despite Jeff Kaplan’s promises of a new balancing philosphy, that has clearly been a lie to try to keep people from leaving the game.

Meanwhile: Tons of Devs and OWL leaguers leave.

(Pretty sure something is not going right.)

Jeff kaplan said on a interview years ago. “If we balance the game the players will not enjoy that” so blizzard never tried or have plans to balance the game

Honestly I don’t think they are allowed to balance the game. Jeff said in an interview that he knew the game needed more tanks. Then we find out they had a support in the works (which already really doesn’t make sense), that later got changed into a DPS, because someone had a really terrible game-breaking idea for an ult and just wouldn’t let it go.

To me it sounds like someone in the command scheme, above the devs, is making decisions and forcing them to go places they won’t want to go. I’d be astounded if the devs were actually and honestly this tone-deaf and so far disconnected from their own game.

I suspect, but obviously can’t prove, that someone above them wants more flashy things posted to Youtube where one guy pops off and does something that looks so spectacular that it makes people run out and buy the game to experience it themselves. Heck, that’s 90% of what the highlight reels are for already.

It’s also very common in businesses to burn out a service or property for maximum short-term value, then dump it and move on to the next thing once it’s depleted. “Long-term growth” isn’t a thing in business anymore; it’s all predatory. So yeah, I can imagine the powers that be are doing their darndest to make OW burn out as fast as possible to rake in all that short-term cash and move on to the next thing to burn down.