Anyone else tired of smurfs?

well, speaking about age is something different than speaking about “natural tallents” I guess. I am 35, and I feel like I just need to do more warmup to be in my 20 years old shape in gaming. At some point I will have no time for this and probbably join you in a back seat =)

Money is the lifeblood of modern society.

PEOPLE ruin things. Money is just the fuel to stoke the fire.

Well yeah but in general I don’t care too much. Smurfs in general start abusive chat from the get go, and keep being toxic, so it’s very easy to report them. More money for Bliz since they can’t keep their mouths shut, get banned and have to buy yet another account haha.

People do also have differing natural strengths. Reflex speed, visual acuity, color perception, hand-eye coordination.

Now, nobody is born a pro-player in video games just like nobody is born a pro-player in physical sports… “natural talent” doesn’t mean you don’t have to work for it, “natural talent” means it comes relatively easier to become moderately good and you have a higher potential ceiling if you are willing to put in the work to become very good.

It’s all well and good to point out that you can’t get to the top by natural talent alone, but let’s not pretend we all have standard issue brains and bodies that operate on a level playing field. It’s just not true.


Smurfs are covards and weaklings.

Hello there!
You say about ranking up. But it helps only for “enemy smurf solo destroys us”.

So what can you do with smurf in your team obviously throwing?

Smurfing is not just playing in elo that he/she doesn’t deserve. The most disgusting aspect of smurfing is avoiding from responsibility.
Bans don’t work. Avoiding doesn’t work.

which also gives more motivation to behave in a bad way even though it’s ok for blizzard to just hop on another account after getting banned (according to customer support)

Throwing is against the rules, no matter if on an alt account or not, If someone is throwing report them.


And what will happen? One account gets a ban. One of 5/10/20? Smurf player can just change account and throw again.

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Then get reported again, eventually will run out of accounts.

And now look at the difference:
5 players got defeat they didn’t deserve and 6 players got win they didn’t deserve.

30 players got defeat they didn’t deserve and 36 players got win they didn’t deserve.

90 players got defeat they didn’t deserve and 108 players got win they didn’t deserve.

“Default version” of a thrower does faaaar less damage for community.


And this is what a month worth of games that people actually throw ?
Or more time than that.

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18 games. 1 or 2 days to play.

How is your cappability to be a better player helps someone to destroy you? Where all these smurfs are comming from? From +500? from +1000 elo? Get there already! And f*** them up! Covards… punish them tho, use your hate as a moving power instead of complain power.

If you’re that care about others participation, probbably you have individual problems which occures as a threshold from rank you up. Simply need to get better at the game, to not have all of these issues comming at you in ladder. Ladder is ladder, it has to be like that at any game. You either accept it or suffer, cant see a reason to choose the second option. You are also not playing at elo where it all matters that much, I mean smurf’s behaviour at your team. If I would be a genji onetrick for example, who is obviousely was unpalyable before nerfs at higher elo, (now he is op) I would’ve played at lower elo and don’t give a single **** about what others expect me to do.
Btw I am pretty sure you know me, and I know you, and I know your issue is solo q only preference, and you prefer this with a hero who requires synergy. If you have smurfs in your game, just call me I beat them for you at any elo, I have ~15 accounts for that.

You can evolve that in a life time, it is not capped with your “natural something” You just need more effort for that and time. Time could be the issue, but other stuff you’ve said sounds like excuse for me personaly. All comes from motivation. Most of the ppl who called “tallanted” did a lot of work to get that call out. But they are actually same like you, but you can not accept that, because to not make a work and looking for easiest path - is your issue.


How do you even know they are a smurf?

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Jeff recently acknowledged smurfing is a problem and said they’re working on a solution but not to expect anything until at least Overwatch 2 if not later as it’s not an easy fix given they have to factor in how account creation works on consoles.

But hey! Jeff said that they are tryting to find a solution… hypocrities as f***

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This is simply not true. You cannot increase your simple reflex speed or your visual acuity by trying harder any more than you can increase your height.

You can increase your reaction time to complex situations and inputs by practice to bring it closer to your simple reflex speed. And of course, having good reflexes does not mean you have a good reaction time to actual events needed for a task.

The idea that you can improve your vision by trying harder is, of course, absurd. If true, the entire profession of optometry would be turned upside down, the vision correction industry would vanish to be replaced by a vision coaching industry.

Absolutely. Having innate abilities doesn’t make you a pro at something. Having a genetic predisposition to leanness and muscle gain doesn’t give you an athletic body – you still have to actually get out and exercise. Having good reflexes, visual acuity, or hand-eye coordination doesn’t make you able to expertly intercept a pass or land a cross-court basket without actually practicing.

Your entire attitude is like that of people who tell dyslexics they just need to practice reading more, depressed people they need to snap out of it, manic individuals that they need to calm down, adhd individuals that they need concentrate.

Not everyone has equal abilities. That inequality doesn’t start or stop with the diagnosis of a ‘disorder’, there is a whole spectrum of inherent abilities.

Of course, you should not use this as an excuse for not putting in the effort. Most people can become reasonably competent at most things if they study and practice regularly. They may need to work twice as hard to get there, but they will get there if they persevere.

Personally, I’m absolutely terrible at memorizing. Yet, I still learned Japanese well enough to be able to read books and watch shows. It took me over ten years, when other people do it in less than five, but still. Of course, once you get past the beginning stages rote memorization isn’t the most important thing anyway. On the other hand, I’m never going to be a U.N. interpreter … there simply isn’t enough time for someone with my abilities to learn 7 languages fluently enough to do simultaneous interpreting with them. Life is literally too short compared to my learning rate.

Similarly, I hope to make it to plat or so in Overwatch someday, but making it to GM is not really realistic, never mind pro. (I’m already much too old to go pro anyway, and apparently age is the one physical limitation you’ll recognize for some reason).

Yeah this is all it is. If players quit paying and left because of smurfs you can be damn sure they would crack down on it somehow.

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You know me. If I want get rank – I will. But I’d rather stay on my elo and don’t betray everything I believe.

So what’s the difference between crushing them on my rank and higher rank?

Did I complain “smurfs ruining my games and that’s why I don’t climb!”?
I hate smurfs. That’s all.

That’s why I analyze my every replay and save everything.

Yes. I know you.

No. Thank you.
I will keep my honour and rank.