Anyone else having issues with the rewards for winning?

Also a reminder that you do have a week……I get that some people have limited playin time but you don’t have to farm it all today (more than likely anyway)

Any Junkstein revenge mode. Any one.

I played mostly that one challenge with just 3 players.

And you are earning no points whatsoever or just one per game? If only one, are you fulfilling the true victory condition?

Junkenstein normal and endless.

Won 3 games and it only counted the 1st one.

When I open the game and play the first match, I earn 2, if I win, as intended. The second time I queue and win I get no points or just 1, and I’m waiting till the end.

What works for me is to close and reopen the game between every Junkstein match.

I gave up on winning those points through arcade, just got the weekly lootboxes and finished my points on normal QP.

Just as an update, I did confirm that Junkenstein modes may not reward arcade or event challenge credits. You will need to play other modes to ensure you can earn the weekly challenges:

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Considering the only time I play Arcade games is when there is a PVE to play there, that completely blows right now.


I’m having an issue winning because it’s the first day of a event so all the cheaters are coming out and Blizzard isn’t doing anything

I won most of my games, but because of the glitch, I may as well have lost every game with how long it took.

I’m at 9/9 credit for the player icon, but it hasn’t unlocked.

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Yeah pretty sure it’s missing some of the games…

Haven’t found that, just a random game here and there won’t count.

Happened today in 1 junkinsteins, 1QPC and 1QP so far today. Got the points in all other matches including 3 Junkinsteins

Grillmaster highlight isn’t working too. That’s a known issue apparently

I did the whole logging off and logging back in in between junkenstein matches and it would count correctly.

Its not rewarding the points on regular junkstein and mystery heroes too… after 2 consecultive matchers i got no points and my friend in the party with me got his 4 points and i even got the victory point on the regular weekly box, just on the event one i didn’t get.

Not getting points at all. Disgusted with this event. Six wins with zero points and I need literally one point for my skin now. Definitely egging Blizzard’s house this Halloween.

Mine has been hit and miss. Managed to get a grand total of 6 points out of 9 arcade wins. (no losses) Instead of the 18 points I should have gotten.

Played 3 games of QP to manage to clear the first item off the list. At least QP is rewarding me both wins and losses properly.

Blizzard fix your crap.

Its bad enough that they have to give you a normal loot box during these events for playing a tank or opting into all 3 roles, but then to pull this on top of it is just… Ugh.

I’ve won multiple matches of Junkenstein’s Revenge where I’ve been rewarded zero points. I was second guessing myself but then I paid more attention and yeah, it’s frustrating. Glad to know it’s not just me

I am currently sitting on 9/9 on the third set, to unlock the skin. The game has since decided to not unlock the skin. Note: this is on my xbox account, I have multiple system accounts.