Anyone else going to blame activision?

the thing i see forums forget to mention is that this game was bought out by activision that openly admitted to baiting player engagement…you all dont even realize its the new COD that only cares about engagement and not balance.

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No. If you feel baited, blame yourself. You could just choose not to engage.

you think that after the biggest game company openly admitted it? bootlicker activities

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No i couldn’t care less what they think they tried.

I have the ability to just not buy into it. So I didn’t. Take responsibility for your own decisions.

no one buys into it. its free now dawg lmao. but if youre talking about balance everyone still playing buys into it i guess…makes sense why all the streamers of the game evacuated.

Balance is a myth. It’s just a game, it isn’t that deep.

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objectively you can come to a skill consensus that has never rarely been met and continues digging a ditch with new heroes

I got a shotgun full of blame. The pellets hit both blizzard in the front, and activision in the back.

They convert our hours into yachts and what do we have to show for it?

I think that should be illegal

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In what way. They make a product and sell it.

If people are stupid enough to part with money for something that leave no impact on their lives that’s on them, not the seller.

idek what you are talking about, the game is free. im talking about how the devs are obviously abandoning it in an attempt that will only drive away new players and acting like they arent…

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I actually blame Fortnite.


“obviously abandoning it”

Forgetting content flows every 9 weeks.

Also forgetting the 3 years of nothing at the end of OW1 that didn’t really drive people away in vast numbers.

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Actually, no, its nothing like a myth…quite the opposite, in fact

It is an essential/core aspect of any player vs player game, as each player should have a roughly equal chance to influence the outcome of the march

20 characters needed

Uh, I blame Activision and Kotick, all executives or C suite, the devs, and to an extent the community as well for being spineless.

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Is this your simple solution to addiction? Because that is what maximum engagement means. I don’t think your solution is very effective for people with other forms of addiction that can lead to miserable outcomes. I think the ones who create the product and admit to such practices have some responsibility as well.

You’re not addicted to buying skins in a video game

I was reading atomic habits, trying to self improve. I read the chapter on dopamine and how it affects the habits of people.

I think video games in general all need to be reviewed. Then I realized how blizzard games in general seem to do the best at retaining players and I could only wonder if they are master class at rewards.

It’s deeper than just skins, it could be any symbolism to the music, to the twinkle in the rank icons….

I think there is a difference between “making a video game attractive” to “we need to keep them engaged and coming back”.

Let’s slip a little more rat poison in…


This comment is so underrated.