Anybody else awash with a sense of relief?

With all of the content creators spamming us with their early access and showing off all these bundles and skins I had the realization that I won’t have to worry about collecting any of them. So long as heroes are paywalled, not a dime Kotick.

You see, it’s a relief because after 6 years of obsessively acquiring every skin, emote, voice, etc…I can let that all go. After purchasing a number of Loot Boxes, as the only means to support Papa Jeff and the amazing OW team, I can just let it go. Default skins here on out, if I don’t quit outright.

Not looking for a debate here, but if you had the same epiphany as I did today, please share. It was oddly palatable. Of course, if they change direction and do the right thing, I’ll be the first to grab the wallet! :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean. I’ve never purchased lootboxes myself. However, if you’ve had a previous obsession with obtaining every skin, voiceline, etc., you’ve probably contributed more money to Kotick(?) compared to the general population. Glad you feel better about no longer having to do so, though.

Yup. I’m just gonna go back to playing what I used to before Overwatch even existed. It’s basically dead before launch at this point.


To be fair, I played enough to earn everything without loot boxes at 2700 hours played. But I also felt it was the right thing to do to support the team at the time, and yes, even Kotick.

Why default? You get to keep all that stuff you collected, you know?

Silent protest, I guess? Not contributing to eP33n envy maybe? Pick one.


Yes, i can stop wordying about collecting all tge skins aa well. Savinf a lot in a long run

Yeah, so I guess I don’t have a great reason. It just seems like the right thing to do. :confused:

Unless they make some new Skins or something that stands out for the heroes I actually use.
Im fine with the skins I have, and 4 of the heroes I play I havn’t changed there skin since I got them

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