Any way to reliably detect the middle of a Ram Vortex?

Ram’s Vortex always felt a bit underwhelming in the base game so I wanted to make it pull the player to the middle. However while I probably could detect when a player is within the vortex, I don’t think there is a way to detect the middle of the ability, is there?

I read somewhere about doing a simulated invisible projectile with these “thrown” abilities might be a way but I can’t even begin to fathom how that could be accomplished.

no its not possible sorry, cant help with this one.

before create projectile was added to the workshop i did make my own functional projectiles with scripts in a few modes that never got released, but i never could get the Gravity right…

the only example i could show you of one of these projectiles i’ve made is only in video form (codes probably expired), it was a mode in OW1 and recreated Kiriko after her trailer. (Healing Ofuda / Suzu Projectiles)

they look bad but this was one of the first times i had used that method, and they got way better after a few months.

while i could try and maybe get quite far, it would never be perfect and would most likely take hours of fine tuning.

though you could always look into trying to reverse engineer one of those Nade tool things, i mean i only know of the Nade part which is why im calling it Nade tool, but im sure it supports many different projectiles, like hanzo arrows as well. (not sure if it supports vortex though + idk the code)