Any way to make a target immune to a status?

When a charging Rein is hit by a sleep dart, charge is not cancelled but instead makes it impossible to turn for the duration of the sleep effect.

From what I’ve tried I didn’t manage to find a way to do this because any way I managed to find to possibly cancel the status would only trigger at shortest a tick after the sleep was applied so it would still cancel the charge which is what I would like to avoid.

unfortunately the only thing that can prevent Status Effects is the Fortified Status which is inaccessible via the workshop and can only be gotten with Orisa and Mauga.

the best thing you can do is attach a player (aka dummy bot) to the Reinhardt to Absorb the effect for him, then have a second script that makes any damage dealt to the Meat Shield apply to Reinhardt. Wreaking Ball is always a good option hitbox wise (also doesn’t change much when asleep).

You can scale the Wreaking ball to try to get the hitbox the Size Right, and then also make him invisible and other than the bot in the Scoreboard, its almost not noticeable.

I’m not too good at botworkings but it did cross my mind to disable the Ability 1 button while looking at an enemy Rein that’s charging so the sleep doesn’t occur but then I would somehow try and apply an effect on the Rein when the Ana presses the button and her Ability 1 goes on cooldown. Would miss the animation of shooting the dart but theoretically might work?

that wouldn’t work, think about it… its a projectile, she can fire the ability anywhere in any direction and during the travel time or animation where you cant affect it in any way, a rein could pop up its in path.

as for bots, all you really need to do is spawn a bot at the reins position when he charges, store its ID to a variable (use last created entity to get the last bot/stuff spawned) and then attached the Stored Bot to the rein to merge their positions, Then Once the Charge is Over “Destroy Bot(Team of(Event Player), Slot of({Variable with Bot})”

then to setup the invisibility and stuff, just setup a “On Player Joined” with a Condition of “Is Dummy Bot” and Actions of whatever you want… Scale, Invisibility, Unkillable Status, Etc.

as for damage its very simple. a “on Damage Taken” trigger, condition of “Is Dummy Bot”, action “Damage(Closest Player To(Event Player, Team of(Event Player), Event Damage” + a heal for the event damage to make sure it can always take damage for this trigger. (alternatively you can also store the Rein in a Variable to the Bot, and set it using the Rein Charging Script “Set Player Variable({Variable for Bot}, Event Player)”)

if you still need help, I can make a code with all the needed code for you and then you can copy that into your script. (let me know what variables are already being used so there is no overlap, if so)

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