Any way to disable support health regen passive?

Like the title says: Is there any way to disable self-healing on support heroes? There doesn’t appear to be any option under hero or gamemode settings. I’ve had the idea of applying a small amount of damage every second or so just to stop the auto-regen from kicking in, but the constant grunting noises and directional hit markers get annoying fast…

Tried to use Set Player Health? You just set the input parameter to the value of the players current health minus the amount of self-healing after not taking any damage, with that the noise is definately entirely removed.

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Yeah, thanks. I tried this earlier today and it works good enough. You’ll see that the health bar numbers constantly flicker in the bottom left corner but the rules and conditions don’t seem to detect an increase in health. You also get a healing sound effect at all times but it’s not too bad. What will be more tricky to solve though, is finding a way to let supports self-heal with their other active abilities.

You could skip the Set Player Health action by putting Skip If (as an example the condition could look like Event Player.IsHealee == true) before that. Then in one Recieve Healing event you check in the condition list, if Healer != Healee, it determines if you self-healing or not, if true (therefore not self-healing) set IsHealee to true in the action list. In the last Recieve Healing event you check for if a player is definately self-healing by check if Healer == Healee, in the action list you set Event Player.IsHealee to false again, so Skip If action fails and won’t skip the listed actions below anymore. You see a coding or programming method called State pattern its a common pratice in most OOP real programming languages such as C++.

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