Any updates on reworks?

If it was a thing they could be meta before Brig’s or Sigma’s release


Because in 222 you don’t have enough dmg to go through all their sustain

Brig before 222 could be tweaked by removing healing on repair pack and nerfing rally

I don’t think she will stay somewhat same

They’ll have to remove inspire and repair packs

She already had low healing output though. This made her a poor healer outside of 3-3. What you’re essentially proposing would be removing the biggest support aspect of her kit. IE making her more of a tank.

At that point you may as well move her to Tank and double her health pool and shield health.

Tho she had low healing she had high burst healing - 150 insta heals on repair pack + armor

It could be better by removing healing on repair pack and increasing inspire healing by 2 - 5 hps to force her to be in front line more to keep her team alive aka giving enemy team more chances to kill her

Her barrier inst designed to defend her team, she rarely can defend her self from AoE dmg or shatter because it’s small

Honestly what’s wrong with just keeping them as heroes they are, since none of them are majorly problematic in their roles, and then use any ideas they have for reworks on just making fresh characters

I feel like the only reason people want them reworked is because they’re not going to release any new heroes until OW2 so they’re hoping to get more tanks/sups they’re asking for reworks, though I’m pretty sure they stated no major reworks until OW2 either

As if GOATs didn’t exist without 222.

This is highly debatable. People have argued for years now that Roadhog is more like a fat DPS and Mei/Brig are more like tanks (though that was pre-222 brig). A lot of Sym mains miss her as a utility support and I think the devs are aware of this.

I mean, Mei/Bap/Brig are basically preventing Tanks from getting buffs, which would make them more popular, because when you stack Mei/Bap/Brig defensive abilities with Tanks, that’s almost too much defense.

I agree, but at the same time he also encourages DPS players, to play tank, he may not work in OWL, but he works fine on ladder so is that really all that problematic?

I miss Sym 2.0, but she was always more DPS-like then Support, the problem with reworking characters into different roles is that you’re essentially changing an aspect of the game and characters like Sym, Mei and a few others is that they may not be played by the majority but they do have dedicated mains that you’re potentially going to turn away from the game by vastly changing their favourite characters when you could just make a new Support/Tank that would function similar to say a Support Sym, or Tank Mei

Respectfully, I strongly disagree
DVA doesn’t get proper buffs because she dominates OWL, in fact the only time she wasn’t the top tank pick in the OWL was during double shield, the fact the devs keep giving her weird/minor buffs to me shows that they’re trying to make her viable on ladder without strengthen her in OWL
Winston is straight up is stronger than the past
Reinhardt is probably stronger than his GOATs iteration, so I don’t think Brig/Bap/Mei have anything to do with it, I mean he’s literally the reason Mei is viable again, I’d say the same with Bap somewhat too, but shieldless metas aren’t really Bap’s strong point
Zarya has gotten quite a few nerfs since GOATs but the beam glitch being fixed was a massive buff to her
Orisa’s shield won’t get buffed because of double shield
Orisa’s halt won’t get a radius buff mainly because of the synergy with Roadhog
Hammond kinda needed to be nerfed because his meta only allowed for 6 DPS to be viable and 5 Supports, where as right now it looks like we 9 DPS viable and at least 6, possibly all 7 with Moira’s latest buff
Sigma may be not be buffed for the reason you stated, though honestly he was overtuned on release, so much that he did drop DVA from her top position in OWL, I feel he may get a buff soon though, but even then he’s still played quite a bit in GM

The reason tanks won’t get buffed is simply because there is no need, I’d argue right now we’re experiencing a really diverse meta in both GM and OWL much better than in the past, why ruining it by buffing tanks on the guise that it might help tanks queues, I don’t think it’s worth it

Roadhog isnt a fat DPS, his damage output is way too low for that. Yeah, he can combo people, but even that is pretty slow in comparison to a lot of other combos, those other combos just dont pull the other person in to really grind in that dagger.

As if Brig/Bap/Mei isn’t an issue in OWL?

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I expect a few reworks with OW2.
Mei -> Tank rework
Sym -> Support rework
Bastion -> DPS or Tank rework
Moira -> Fade rework

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I can’t cite the source but I do remember them saying that they once tried Hog as a DPS with less health and it felt awful.

I think it’s interesting to see a potential shuffle but the only one I think I’d like is Support Sym. And maybe tank Mei but I’m really unsure of that.

A characters stats have a big feel to me. For example Brig’s 200hp nerf was AMAZING for me. The feel felt good. Risk reward felt like it was weighing up. That change actually got me to pick her up properly, ironically. So for me Tank Brig would be off the table. But Tank Mei I don’t know the feel was different when she had 400hp, the freeze’s didn’t feel as cheeky but more of a gurantee. But I can’t say for sure but April Fools Mei is obviously not a final product.

Very excited at the prospect of Symmetra returning to being a support, and maybe even a healing support at that :yellow_heart:

I hope they can make her unique.

Make it like Super Smash Bros where you have Samus and Zero Suit Samus :sweat_smile: Dps Symm and healer Symm, but only one Symm per team x)

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Here is where Jeff spoke about it. We ended up getting that fart cloud in the 1-3-2 experimental though…

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I don’t want any of these changes. None of these heroes need to move roles.

Same! Can’t wait to have my girl back!

Yes they do otherwise they will remain either problematic or overly bad in their role. And lots of people want these changes and have been asking the Devs for them forever. Can’t wait for the OW2 reworks!!

Most people are pretty dumb though so their opinions can be ignored.

Well luckily the head of Hero Design and Balance said they discuss it consistently for OW2 :smiley: