Any Upcoming Balance Changes with this Patch?

Are they just not finalized yet? Will the PTR be updated with balance changes at a later date before it goes live? Can someone at HQ let us know?

Doesn’t seem to be a thing they do often but I’m holding my breath. Changes need to happen sooner than later.


They usually have changes with each big patch. I’d be more surprised if they didn’t this time.



  • Non-recoverable health, shields, and armor are now consumed before recoverable health, shields, and armor
    • Previous priority order: non-recoverable shields, recoverable shields, non-recoverable armor, recoverable armor, non-recoverable health, and recoverable health
    • New priority order: non-recoverable shields, non-recoverable armor, non-recoverable health, recoverable shields, recoverable armor, and recoverable health

Developer Comments: In Overwatch, a health type order determines the prioritization of subtracting health, shield, or armor types when a hero takes damage. For example, if a hero has recoverable shields and takes damage, the damage taken will diminish the recoverable shield before recoverable health. Previously, it was possible for heroes’ recoverable shields to be prioritized for damage and regenerate, allowing their non-recoverable armor to persist. With the order adjustment, heroes who have been granted non-recoverable armor or shields will now consume those resources before recoverable health, armor, or shields.

I know about that, I’m asking about individual heroes.

I don’t think so. OWL is around the corner, so maybe after the map is released we will get some hero changes and he anticipated beam vs armor changes.