Any plans in dealing with the smurf problem?

Because its really ruining the game for me, I don’t think its too much to ask to have balanced match. What are the plans to get this problem reduced at least?


No, they ignore the situation and are fully aware of it. It makes money for them.

They need to take an aggressive stance because by their own definition of reportable offenses its cheating because it throws the ranked MMR off balance, pushing those climbing further down and boosting those who are less skilled further up. So a lot of good players have an extremely hard time climbing as their accounts SR/MMR average out when the get stuck in certain ranks.

Its a problem, even more a problem when the MMR is this easily exploitable with the malicious intent behind the majority of smurfs.


Sorry but it will not change soon, one weeb streamer did a 500 sr to gm stream(yes 500sr) with like 2,5k-3k viewers with no punishment so far I know.


A few months back Jeff acknowledged smurfing is a problem and noted that they’re working on a solution.

Incorrect. See above.

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You’re incorrect as you have even quoted the fact he was referring to CONSOLES, which at this point is even more near impossible because of the “unlimited” accounts that can be created with the purchase of one single disc copy of the game.

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The problem is people that de-rank accounts to sell them right? because i couldn’t imagine someone having the patience to manually de-rank from GM to 500 just to climb again. Its sad, maybe the Overwatch team only cares about owl now.


No, he was not.

He said it’s a difficult problem to solve because they have to factor in how account creation works on consoles.

He did not say that they were specifically or only looking at resolving the smurf problem on consoles and not PC.

Reading comprehension. Try it sometime.

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There’s clips of 6 in a group all controlled by 1 player to derank 6 accounts at once.

Blatant throwing and the piss poor reporting system doesn’t deter them.


Tldr. They can’t even stop Blatant throwers, let alone solve smurfing.


Jeff acknowledged the free accounts on consoles contribution to smurfing as a problem, and said they were thinking about some ideas that they might work on someday, after Overwatch 2, if ever.

I wouldn’t hold my breath. And of course, it has no effect on PC.

Yes, you should. He was answering a question about the console problem. Context therefore implies he was talking specifically about the console problem.

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You realize he posts that same old link on any thread where someone mentions smurf? He holds it so dear that it won’t matter. Let them have some hope.

No! I am the crusher of dreams, the destroyer of hope! MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

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Keep it up :wink: no dreams allowed.

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i hear valorant doesnt allow smurfing and has some kind of ai based system to detect them. makes sense as malicious smurfs behave in a very predictable pattern.

Sure though

  1. Less smurfs will exist at the beginning of a game as the best players are trying to climb/compete. Once the ladder stagnates we’ll see if things change.
  2. It’s really gonna depend on how the ai can learn and adapt as people can learn what it looks for and work around it if they do. Not to mention it could potentially still flag players who are inconsistent or streaky, can’t really know until time passes and/or people either do or don’t get banned wrongly.
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all that matters is malicious behaviour. give people the option to flag potential smurfs, enough flags triggers ai review of their past games data, looking to match known malicious behaviours profiles. action taken. normal players don’t just consistently jeckel and hyde with their behaviour like malicious smurfs do. todays technology is very sophisticated and more than able to do this kind of thing.

What you just described is not something that an ai system can do. What you described is the automated report system OW has with a fancy review added on.

lol, whatever dude, your ignorance is not my problem.

I point out a flaw in your argument and all you can manage is “ignorance lol”

K keep it up and I’m sure you’ll be the big brain you think you are.

im not getting paid to educate you on the depth and breadth of modern ai computing, so you can think what you want, i dont care.

Ah yes master teacher. I shall try to learn your mighty ways.