Any mercy main? •EU

Hi! I was looking for a mercy main (no need to be pocket) because i like to ship mercy and genji, it would be cool to play with a mercy main that like to play with a genji (sounds difficult tho XD) so if u want to play say it! ^^

Btw i don’t mind if ur a girl, gay or anything i only want someone to duo °•°


-a little dumb XD
-genji main (kinda flex player)
-I talk spanish and english

-btw i wouldn’t mind to make an alt acc to try to place in diamond or more XD

Have a great day!


awe man I’m from NA so it would probably be super laggy. I usually pocket genjis in quick play if I’m on support anyways lol. (cough…gencyshipperheretoo…cough)
I hope you can find someone in EU ;w;

If u play open q I ll join

heyy you can add me (reignwolf13) :slight_smile: I have 200+ hours on mercy and I’ll pocket