Any idea as to what these "Periodic Rewards" will be?

I don’t use the PTR myself, but it sounds like the rewards aren’t on there yet either.

Any thoughts/ideas as to what they could be? I can’t imagine they’ll be anything particularly notable/good, otherwise they’ll be basically waving a red flag in front of the people who are inevitably going to try and exploit the system.

Sounds cancerous. Can’t wait for the “endorse me” message spam.

I feel like they probably considered that, and if someone is spamming, it’s less likely their team will endorse them…


And considering you can only get endorsements while not in a group, at least as far as I know, anyone wanting that would litarelly have to depend upon the kindness of strangers.


The only anti-abuse method I’m aware of is that you’re limited to endorsing each friend once every 12 hours.

I’m guessing the rewards will just be little XP bonuses, and probably some achievements/sprays for reaching each endorsement level for the first time.

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Tbh I will not use the new features or endorse anyone.

Cool, thanks! I’m glad you’re contributing to a positive reinforcement of the community. :confused:


What a sick roast my man

That’s probably a good way to get reported :slight_smile:

You can get endorsements in a group, you simply cannot get them from friends. So if you use the new look for group or click the button to stay as group at the end of the match, the resulting group members can endorse one another.

I bet $500 to each person on these forums that they will eventually release things that can only be gotten with different tiers of social status.

Put your fake smiles on.

Do you think it’ll be significant, though? I can’t really foresee an actual skin (like a specific skin thats only unlocked by endorsement status) being a reward, but maybe a spray or something. But in that case who really cares? I’m suspecting the rewards will most likely be free lootboxes, XP, coins, or something along those lines.


Or with our luck, a new weapon skin. Just to add to the salt.

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Oh that would be cruel.

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Do not underestimate the power of Daddy Jeff.

Wrestle with Jeff, prepare for… :grimacing:

Oh Dinoflask, what have thee done to me?

I can’t speak for everyone else. My smiles are not fake.

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Thanks for the clarification!

(Gives endorsement for “Informative Response”)

Someone corrected me down below.

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Maybe just comp points. Whatever it is, it’s a step in the right direction.