Any changes/additions since PTR?

Just wondering if there are any changes/additions to the Workshop since the last update on PTR (May 9th I think)? If so, will there be a change-log released here?


I haven’t noticed any changes but I have noticed that all the sounds in my gamemode have stopped working

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Start Camera seems fixed. Don’t quote me. But I tested it like 50 times, even spammed it.

Camera is still busted unfortunately, was the first thing I tried, since it ruins one of my game modes :frowning:

It’s been over two weeks since the last workshop fix. Many confirmed bugs buried in the forum…

My mode doesn’t crash anymore, so there’s that. Needlessly to say, I’m pretty happy about whatever they did there.

Yeah camera is still busted.

We have more improvements coming later (in a future patch), so the current build that is live is very similar to what was on PTR. In the future, having a change-log sounds like a great idea!

Hang tight!


Thank you Keith. Please also fix primary fire enabled during ultimate glitch. :slight_smile:

Would love to know if hero editing is in the works. I know we can change numbers with custom games settings but those are nowhere near as precise or customizable as I’d like.

List of things it would be nice to have (I know you guys are working on ability swapping but this should be low hanging fruit)

  • input changes by specific values not with a slider
  • add or remove health/shields/armor
  • adjust the damage, health/shields/armor, duration time, charge number, number deployed, and cooldowns of deployables (and maybe deployment speed like Symmetra’s teleporter or Torbjorn turret)
  • adjust projectile hitbox (like reverting Junkrat’s projectiles to 0.3)
  • Be able to increase/decrease the health or duration of abilities like Reinhardt’s barrier, Brigitte’s barrier, Zarya’s barrier/deployable barrier
  • be able to give heroes multiple charges for their abilities like Zenyatta with 2-3 orbs of discord and harmony, or Zarya with two projected barriers

This should’ve been stuff we could do for a while. Like I said I know you guys are working on the more complex stuff like hero prototyping, ability editing/creation, and swapping abilities between heroes. My suggestion is if they’re still around talk to the devs who worked on the Warcraft 3 world editor specifically talk to them about the object editor. Cause right now the workshop is a lot like the trigger editing from the WC3 world editor. The OW custom games settings is like a very basic object editor that really needs an upgrade and boost in power.

I know there’s more to add to that list that I’m forgetting but it’s a start.

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There’s a ton of stuff we want them to add, but I’d be happier if they fix the bugs first.


Oh cool, I think having a Workshop specific change-log would be really nice. Thanks!

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If at all possible, please include:

  • Weapon Use Identifier (for Mercy and Torbjorn)
  • Asset Recognition of Bob, Turret, Sentries, Teleporter, etc, so that we can use and interact with those.
  • Return of previously used assets so that we can create Vanilla or Modern Plus versions of the game (shield generator, moving shield, armor packs, etc).

Map selector would be great.

Would you consider making a megathread of highly requested features?

I had wanted to make one, and I have some requests of my own (sound customization options like pitch, volume, radius and falloff; more weapon customization options; object spawning with simple assets like generic rockets; QoL things like being able to drag and drop conditions and effects; & more), but I’m a beachcomber on the sea of potential, so I still don’t know everything that’s already possible or everything we really need.

Why workshop don’t have simple ELSE blocks? If i need put some codintion, i have a list of 10 conditions i need to reverse all that to create an else? jesus…

And when will implement a way to create CUSTOM STRINGS, all default strings sometimes in our gamemodes don’t make context, and about the way that strings are created is horrible…

And about workshop performance, this week i opened a script that have 196 rules, game FPS decreased to 12 and still loading, would be possible to create a way to make workshop rules load async and don’t freeze client and too be cached in client, since i close and reopen workshop, all rules load again, and causes performance down again.

Tip for devs: see how Construct 2 (by: Scirra) works, a 2d Game Engine that have same scripting system that overwatch uses, no need programming and
implement something like this into overwatch…

Oh I was already forgetting, make a way to spawn bots by scripts, for example the enemy characters of the archives coop, it would be good to be able to create a PVE game mode.

And related to the script again …, there is no way some users with programming experience (like me) have access to the workshop in an advanced way, I do not know a scriptable engine like Javascript v8 (google) or something? The workshop with the Simple Scripting System is good, but it is very limited.

mr Miron,

Set Respawn Max Time(All Players(Team 1), 60); doesn’t work anymore. It defaults to 8secs. I think the 2cp respawn update might have broken it. also, disabling respawning has been reported to not work either according to many in discord. These 2 are big ones since they break a lot of modes. a quick fix would be a apreciated. also the ability to set creators code to private