Any bugs they missed for syms rework?

Anyone encounter anything other than below?

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  • Syms beam doesn’t ramp from 120 to 180 upon reaching level 3
  • She can place turrets that shoot through walls
  • She can place turrets that are unkillable
  • Her beam is incredibly weak vs armor because of the anti-spam patch
  • Her teleporter hologram is very buggy
  • Her RMB only does 100 damage if you charge it and let it auto release, does 120 dmg if you charge it up then release it yourself
  • Doomfists ultimate does very little damage if you use a movement ability
  • Explosives don’t function right on Horizon
  • Dva’s level up voiceline has an issue where the name is replaced with endorsement level
  • Symmetra’s beam cannot shoot on certain parts of the map (the corners of maps act like invisible walls)
  • Teleporter will randomly disappear (I don’t know how to replicate it, but I have had it happen)

[Recent bugs]

  • Sombras hack has no sound
  • Sombras hack is red instead of purple
  • The teleporter turns black if one of the “legs” is inside of a ledge
    (i [dot] gyazo [dot] com/0bd9a638ca811783c5aba1fce9fa238a.jpg)
  • Symmetra’s beam decay is 3 seconds to completely decay after the patch vs 6 seconds before patch.

Ty for the contribution. Lets try to get all the bugs in one place since they seem to be fixing them quickly.

No problem, I’ll add more as I find or see them.

There’s an area near the first point in Blizzard World on which placing the teleporter will cause it to fall off and usually self-destruct. I assume that it’s a bug because it normally is not possible to stand on that surface.

You accidently placed it on a non walkable platform. A bug but not the one you thought.
Of you place it to close to the edge of a cliff or a non walkable area it self destructsto prevent trolling.

In virtually all other instances, the teleporter simply does not build if one is not allowed to stand in that location. Like, the location marker doesn’t appear, and attempting to build just cancels the ability. Any other cliffs that can normally be stood upon seem to be fair game. It’s pretty difficult to troll with a teleporter when both sides must be visible.

these are what they missing though