Any Bronze-Gold DPS wanna get better?

Hey, so, i’m trying to make a video where i live-coach a DPS player, talking throughout their game, helping them make better decisions. If anyone is interested, please either add me on discord, or respond to this post. My discord is Nickdarick#7021.


Hey, you can join my topic too and help anyone you would like to :smile:

Are you stuck in Bronze/Silver/Gold? - Lets find out why

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You want a lab rat, squeak squeak…

You couldn’t have made this any more weird my man…

Does that mean you’re interested lmaoo

Sure, I’m secretly T500 on my “other” account though…

Ye i wanna get better

I’m a PC Gold Widow/Ashe main. I wouldn’t mind participating if you weren’t looking for someone immediately. My main account is kinda hard stuck in that 2200 range. I’ve climbed a bronze account to equal to my main account with a bit of a struggle in Silver. Clearly I have something holding me in Gold that rears its head even in Silver.

If you want assistance from someone who’s done the grind starting from and finally Diamond, hit up ya boi :innocent:

Personally I strive to help others improve as long as they want it…

Though generally I’m more of a hands on coach. IE give me your battle tag, I’ll add you and we’ll play or I watch you live and try to tell you stuff…

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I’m not a dps main but I do like playing it sometimes and would like to play the role when with friends without throwing their games. I’m silver/gold dps.

How about a VERY low Bronze DPS?

I know my aim is terrible. And when I went in too deep. Kind of had an oh S*** moment there.

Not looking for a vod to review, im looking for someone to live coach.

I’d be down to live coach you. Do you know if your PC is capable of screensharing discord at a good quality?

+1 for always being helpful.

fight the good fight, bro!

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Hi Zaelyn. I don’t play Junk, I don’t play DPS and I am only in plat so you don’t have to listen to my feedback. Anyway after watching your replay I noticed you kind of have tunnel vision. There were times in that game where you could have just grabbed a health pack when you were low on health but you didn’t. Other than that and aim aside your Junk looked solid to me.

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Unfortunately my fps drops when I do that. I can share some replays though.

Update: I have different internet at the moment and now I can maintain 100+ fps while screen sharing so I can.