Any AMD Gfx card fix in sight?

I have a AMD R9 290 graphics card. Overwatch is the only game that is affected by this. I have worked with support to find a fix, and thus the only fix that i have seen work is to roll back your driver to 17.7.1 Thus you get annoying pop ups from your system telling you that you have out of date drivers, and this would affect other games. Does the overwatch team intend to work on this or is this a lost cause? I have had this issue for about 3-4 seasons now.

Do you mean the “lost rendering device” crash? I had the same problem. There was a sticky like some weeks ago here mentioning that the updated AMD driver fixes this which was an incompatibility between the driver and windows 10. Hope you fix it as well :slight_smile:

Also an incompatibility problem with 8.1 as well. Which they don’t mention.

Hi there,

We do have this AMD call out still here. There was an issue that AMD worked on and got fixed with the newer drivers. It also looks like drivers past 17.7.1 are not being made by AMD for Windows 8/8.1.

Here is a link to the driver for OPs card on Windows 10.

Hope this information helps.