Anti-Cheat update won't work unless its ring0

The anti-cheat update “efforts” blizzard has mentioned was just large scale of encryption on both warden and the actual game and it was a good effort but it was dismantled in a matter of weeks/days, the problem is that the anti-cheat is currently running in the best possible user-mode anti-cheat there is, but every other modern cheat has moved on to kernel land which is ring0 which accordingly has more power than the game and the anti-cheat in terms of permissions it can overwrite the entire anti-cheat basically if you want to read more about the issue here you go we wrote up a document in very in-depth detail of the situation https:// .com/document/d/1PO2_uE-UyqBsOqNUzkKwVMeT2-75c7dvOrd5R63WFzM/edit?usp=sharing

There are currently around 8 cheat providers, we have found 223 cheaters in the month of February alone, We have also found from March the 1st to 8th found already 47 active cheaters on the ladder not to mention that there are players currently right now streaming we collected all this Data from my server where we have 2500+ users of GM+ to OWL players, we also have a website where people from all ranks can report https:// ow.stats5 .com/cheaters

Anyways these people While cheating for fun over and over and over again, the players do get banned but they take 1-3 days to be banned until they buy another 10-15$ account and start causing the same damage they did last time, the HWID bans or IP bans are not enough, blizzard needs to start doing more HWID bans, or make their HWID better than at least to a degree that it takes a long process of “EFFORT” to start playing again right now all it takes is literally 2 min to change accounts and do the same u did before

We have been attacking every single provider we collect a lot of data and try to DMCA them ourselves or send it to blizzard and they do get shut down but it is just not enough or fast enough. we do what we can with OWPD and won’t stop with it we have some projects that we are working on currently, but at the end of the day Blizzard has the real power to nuke these cheaters to oblivion but they aren’t whatever the reason is, its not a good excuse/reason to let your game be like this.

https:// i.imgur .com /DqNsoTn.png

https:// i.imgur .com /YmlCMkx.png

https:// i.imgur .com/Km5rYNd.png

Blizzard, all I am asking here is that you put a little bit more effort into the process into cheating because anybody can do it it’s just like removing a cap from a water bottle easy to cheat in your game. I am not flaming, I can show it in front of you and prove my point on how ridiculously easy it is.


this more sounds like you are trying to advertise yourself, which…why would anti cheater makers need to do?

organner was known for his ring0 Protection in cs and still got detected by vac and vac is trash compared to warden

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I’m getting a bit of deja vu… I’m creeped out rn.

Has this been posted somewhere else too?

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Guys, this is Gamerdoc, he studies and punishes cheaters. He is super famous on the overwatch reddit.

Blizzard should be gobbling every word out of his mouth. The cheat providers figured out the latest anti-cheat upgrade way too easily.


Ah, I didn’t even read the username opps. I guess I saw it on Twitter earlier lol.


2020 please use the <\>

I do appreciate your post though.

Welp, this is very interesting, but a hefty amount of forum users don’t even wanna admit that cheat in OW exists…I don’t think this is the good place to advocate things.


I’ll admit up front to being completely ignorant on coding and the like…

But could the reason Blizzard isn’t using ring0 due to either potential legal issues, or actual legal restrictions?

Edit: I respect what you’re doing and the effort going into it… but I get the feeling that you’re not seeing the inherent problems posed by the solution being proposed.

Running game code (or any other userland application code) in kernel mode has security and stability implications for the underlying OS. It is fundamentally a bad idea. I don’t trust underpaid game developers to write stable and secure driver code using undocumented kernel APIs.

BattleEye (the anticheat used by Fortnite and other games) for example, does weird unsupported stuff on Windows that had the potential to cause BSODs on tons of machines when Windows 10 version 1903 was released, had Microsoft not caught the issue in early testing.

The real best solution is robust, constantly evolving (I’m talking monthly updates) userland cheat detection backed by a well-staffed team of humans paid to review reports and ban cheaters quickly as well as infiltrate cheating communities and get their account details.


If I wanted to kill some time implementing hacks today then I’d rather go with various hardware based solutions that don’t modify the memory/software of the host machine. The possibilities are endless and the hardware is affordable. However, someone with the required skills is probably better off investing time in different kinds of projects that make (more) money in legal ways compared to crafting/selling cutting edge hacks to pro-gamers.

I don’t say I haven’t seen any hackers in OW but they don’t have a very negative effect on my overall gameplay experience compared to the very obvious cheaters in some other games I played.

LOL forums? I’m willing to bet that literally 99.99% of all people who play video games believe that almost nobody cheats in video games, no matter how obvious it is. Not even professional players care, but that’s another story.

Nobody ever held back when it was about cheaters back in the day, but this garbage game started the all so famous “no, cheaters dont exist, you just suck” trend.


I thought Fortnite uses Easy Anti-Cheat?. I thought that is why they brought EAC dev.

Their site has fortnite logo

it was on reddit and OWPD twitter

Perhaps Fortnite uses both or switched at some point? The BattleEye site also has the Fortnite logo:

I know Fortnite definitely used BattleEye in 2018/2019.

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very true, the game is infested with cheaters of many types, and since the “improve” of the anticheater patch i haven´t saw any change or difference in the game, everytime there´s more cheaters, ones are discrete others are so shameless, cuz they know blizzard don´t going to move a finger or don´t cares

increasing cheating is just a natural consequence of mmr matchmaking. more people will just feel justified in cheating if you handicap their games. i suspect they are not even cheating to win and get high sr but just to play what they want and have fun. that is why the cheaters will even make their cheating ‘natural’ i.e less impactful and detectable becacue their aim is not straight winning as much as possible but more circumventing the matchmaker’s hadicapping.

His crew provided the footage for this video.


Would be nice to summon Josh or Jeff in this thread. Would love to hear a statement how high the numbers are from a Blizzard perspective.

Also nice paper you wrote there OP.

I find it hard to convince my teammates that someone is cheating, you can see it, it’s so obvious. But everyone just turns on you saying you’re just bad. Recently I had a game where the enemy Widow had 75% scoped critical hit accuracy card, and people still refused to believe he was hacking. Like everyone is just convinced there are tons of GM smurfs in plat, which I find a lot less common than hackers. GM smurfs would never stay in plat for long, but cheaters will because they typically have terrible game sense with godly aim. I find the arcade modes to be full of cheaters, and it’s even harder to convince people there that someone is cheating.