Anti Bastion update

They’re new here, not sure they know how to do that yet.

Im sorry but a pencil icon isnt exactly hard to find

I just want to mention I’m not disagreeing with you. Bastion needs a rework in general to keep up. Unfortunalty theres a power creep going on with the dps right now. All of Pharah’s counters have been buffed while her main healer nerfed. It left Pharah in an awkward place where she needed to be buffed/nerfed to keep up. Bastion has been in a bad place for a while, it just sucks that his counters are in need of buffs themselves to keep up.

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Even without these changes, the fact they said nothing about Bastion is sad. Why are they making changes to Pharah before Bastion of all things?


Makes you wonder if they have no idea how theyre going to change him.

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We have every idea you could possibly think of in this thread:

(Seriously, we have talked about everything)


I’ve said this so many times, but why do they not use the PTR to actually test multiple ideas? Have the community help out and feel involved. x.x Ugh, it bothers me so much.


They would need to filter some ideas though. This community can get a crazy hivemind sometimes…

Yeah for real. The ptr should be for actually testing. The problem is they dont do that. Its sad that once something hits the ptr it’s pretty much already decided on. They just want bug testers.

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True, but it would be so simple to browse through ideas for a bit, write some down and throw them on the PTR. Considering it’s been over 500 days, they should have at least made some notes, right? ;3


We have every possible idea fully detailed.

Want him to have a shield? check

Want him to have tank as a standard ability? check

Want him to turn into a freaking apache attack helicopter? check


Uhh, please? Mercy who? Bastion is my new main.


That one’s mine idea :upside_down_face:

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I’m a bit pessimistic and I think it shows, but have you ever stopped to think that Bastion is the only truly abandoned hero in the game? The F-Tier heroes were all improved and have a hopeful, viable future. Except Bastion.

Mei is great, Symmetra’s a bit underpowered, but her kit is much better and has potential, Torbjorn got an amazing rework, Hanzo is great and viable now…

His situation is pretty bleak.


It’s all we’ve thought about…

The problem is, no one will know what’s going on unless the devs communicate. A simple “We’re not sure what to do with him yet, we’re working on multiple things” would probably go a long way. However, they’ve resorted to silence so far.


To be fair they probability don’t want it to be like social feature and say it will come out in a few months, only to have it severely delayed.

I always give people the benefit of the doubt, don’t know why

Facing a Pharah yes there is skill, and skill in predicing on ground targets, but for the most part you’re being ignorant. You’re acting like because you’re a diamond who can, as you say, hit airborne targets, that she requires aim. But she really doesn’t, as her shots are slow firing and powerful. She needs prediction. Accuracy is being able to hit your mark consistently, which most people can’t. If you can predict where your opponent can go, and fire a rocket and get a direct hit, then you have aim and prediction together. If you can just predict, you might tell where they are going, but not hit them. If you can aim, you can hit shots, but not act up to your potential. Does she require skill, yes. But all heroes do.

Sticking a bit more to the quote you had, you quoted where the OP says Pharah doesn’t need skill to deal damage. That is kind of true. You can randomly throw out rockets and deal damage, you don’t need positioning and accuracy as much as a character like widow. Pharah needs skill, just not as much.

I think it’s hilarious that you think it’s bad Blizzard is buffing Bastion counters. You do realize bastion is the most overpowered and requires less skill than anyone else in the game? Yes, I do understand that you can “maybe try a little harder and you can kill him” but he melts through literally everything. Maybe genji is a good counter but after his deflect is gone hes dead. I think Blizzard is making the right choice for once.

He’s already bad and they’re buffing his counters.

Hmm, apparently all of the other hitscan heroes require skill except him because… reasons?

btw this isn’t rank shame it actually matters here because of how his balance works but you’re silver. Anywhere above that he’s crap.

Only if you let him. There are many ways of avoiding it including just playing anyone without falloff and be a million miles away.

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