Anti Bastion update


Pharah got an attack speed buff (because apperantly she needed it)
Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – September 21, 2018:

If I’m reading this correctly she shoots faster but still deals the same contact damage.
And Torbjorn’s new ultimate deals more damage to armored targets:
Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – September 21, 2018:

Because apparently we needed more anti Bastion stuff. Pharah’s even stronger against him than before.

Now what guys? The devs made a counter even better (Pharah) and added a new one (Torb) and Bastion only got a bug fix to a skin. What even Blizzard? What are you doing? What are you thinking? With every update Bastion gets screwed hard. This isn’t even him being bad anymore it’s him being made worse over and over again with not even word about it.

:broken_heart: Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (570+ Likes, 18,500+ Responses)

What makes it even sillier is that Pharah doesn’t even have to use skill do dps. Just land rockets near the enemy team and you still good damage. Low risk, high reward. Will Torb’s ult still do bonus damage even when the armor is already gone? If it still damages then this will be even more ridiculous.


Lets think about optimistically. This could be good for Bastion. It could mean there is space to change or buff him without worrying too much that he’ll be too OP or make other characters less useful.


That was already the case.
We’re talking about the worst character of the game.


Or they’ll just do nothing but buff his counters like now. It takes them an eternity to do anything so I’m just preparing for the next 6 months and on to have to deal with new Pharah and Torb.


Yes, the least played character has even more to counter him for the next few months, while Blizzard decides whether or not they buff/rework bastion.


The fact that they buffed the splash on Pharah is just stupid. “Look at me! I don’t even have to aim! I can just chain rocket someone to death because Blizzard graced me with increased attack speed! I’m so good at this game!” She already has an advantage of having the high ground now she doesn’t have to try and aim shots well.


They did the opposite, try actually reading the changes description.


a pharah player that relies on splash got nerfed though


MB, I read it backwards. Thought the explosion was the contact (considering it does more than impact) and the impact was splash (considering it does less than explosion).


Now you just lost all credibility.

As a Diamond Pharah player, I counter enemy Pharahs when I play Pharah. She does require aim, stop being ignorant.


yeah, just misinterpreted that part. lol!


Also, these Pharah changes are completely unimpressive.

They don’t do anything from the Pharah-players perspective.

Sure, she fires faster rockets but she’s still a blimp in the sky that only Mercy can heal, and she now struggles against her counters even more with the KB reduction.


Again, misinterpreted the notes, still a little ridiculous that splash does more than the contact. In a general sense, pharah is still a simpler dps considering relative safety and distance compared to other dps. Most a pharah has to do is predict player movement which doesn’t take much to adjust to. Zenyatta can also heal a pharah, same with ana… oh and not to mention brig.


Yeah but he was quite OP when he just had the 10% extra resist. Anything like a little more damage, or something could be a big buff for him particularly in the lower tiers.


And pretty much nobody wanted any resist to begin with.


While this is technically a nerf to Turret mode in the matchup, we still have Recon mode to duel her in.

With the changes to her splash damage, as long as you can dodge direct hits you should be able to more easily sustain yourself from her weakened splash with self heal to either retreat or to buy yourself time to counter attack. The travel speed of her rockets aren’t changing so if you see her poking at you from range in Turret you’ll still have an ample amount of time to react and go back to recon. And if she’s too close for you to flee, her fire rate buff isn’t going to stop her from getting mowed down by turrets close range dps.

Honestly, I’m less annoyed about the Pharah changes (I like them actually,) and more bummed that Mcree and Soldier are getting buffed while Bastion gets nothing despite Bastion still being in a weaker spot than both of them. All 3 of them should be getting something.


She shoots faster so she flat out does more damage than before. It hurts recon as well as sentry just sentry more so.

So basically never use sentry when there’s a Pharah? What’s even the point if people keep saying to stop using sentry when the enemy shows up? What’s the point of it then if you’re told to just never use it?

When does that happen outside of solo point blank ults which kill you anyways btw.

I feel bad for feeling bad when other heroes get changes :frowning:


What made him Op was the pocketing.
EVERYTHING else in is kit was garbage.


roadhog is the worst character in the game my doggy