Answered: Flags for every country?

I always wondered about this… How many flags will there be in Overwatch?
What flags will be added / what flags wont?

And what about baltic states? (Estonia :estonia: , Latvia :latvia: and Lithuania :lithuania: ) Will they get a chance to see Overwatch? (Or are they already in and I haven’t unlocked :lithuania: yet? :thinking:)

Jeff commented on this recently and said any flags that arnt in the game are because of legal hurdles


Bummer… Could we at least somehow know what flags have issues with legality?

Yeah theres a few confirmed that were forceably removed from the event but no solid list.

Ah. And what the heck? Live reply feedback? Did I miss something?

Go to front page and click the categories tab scroll down to dev tracker and the first thing that pops up is jeff talking about this issue. Best I can do to help out man

Thank you for your replies, but just a question… Do you think the Player Icon list in-game needs someway to be sorted? It’s difficult to find a specific one :expressionless:


No problemo man and yeah I literally never switch mine but I’d like to be able to sort them better and id also love a way to add stickers, skins, and voicelines to heros that isnt so time consuming. We need an app or something lol

Something like an official companion app? That would be cool, but it would need more features than customization to be in Overwatches dev to-do list.

Certain flags can’t be implemented into Overwatch because of legal reasons. Jeff even said that they had to remove the Polish flag because Overwatch’s EU legal team told them to.