Another "rendering device has been lost" thread

That will be the next step.

I did try to play at 75% render scale last night and it didn’t crash once. But that’s a band-aid, it’s too much of an eye sore.

Any updates? I’m iffy about updating my drivers until I know for sure I won’t have to just roll them back again

The only fix I’ve found is dropping my render scale to 75. It looks blurry and awful but I can get through a whole game, at least. This is beyond frustrating.

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Reducing render scale below 100% we don’t feel is a proper fix either. If the driver update didn’t fix it, and reducing render scale works around it reliably, it probably means the crashes are happening when your PC is overstressed. I’m seeing all of your crashes are higher at higher temps on our end. (79 C +) - while this isn’t unheard of for your brand of video card, it may mean your CPU is overheating. I’d clean the PC of dust. (If you’re on a laptop, use a gentle vacuum, not canned air. Canned air pushes dust further into laptop vents. It also may not hurt to invest in a cooling pad.)

If it doesn’t work, run HWmonitor while playing until you experience a crash. After the crash, check for overheating of the CPU/GPU. If the temps are still too high, you may need to take the PC to a tech to inspect the heat hardware and make sure nothing’s failing.

If you don’t see overheating, take screenshots of all the data in the HWMonitor test, (make sure to scroll up/down to get everything) and upload it to an image hosting site, and send us the links here. The forums may not allow you to direct link, but you can replace the dots with {dot} and we’ll translate it/check it out for you.

So I am curious; If these can run at these temps and do for other games why does it crash for Overwatch only. This happens to me all the time, lose SR for it etc. Please. Help me understand.

Does something in the overwatch game know my cpu gets to a temp and crashes it on purpose? My cpu runs others games on ultra, and I run this game on literally 75% render and the lowest possible settings. I am just trying to understand this unbelievably frustrating issue that is ONLY with Overwatch that has been around since season 3.


If you need help with your unique issue, you’ll need to create your own thread with some information on what you’ve tried and a DXDiag. These types of issues have a ton of causes, and overheating is not the only possible culprit. The troubleshooting I’m giving here is specifically for the OP’s situation and shouldn’t be expected to fix your situation unless by chance you both have the same issue. If your PC happens to be overheating, you need to get that resolved.

By the by, the “Rendering Device Lost” error is a result of an intentional Windows function which attempts to protect your PC from instability. It’s impossible for a game alone to cause this kind of issue, though we do what we can to help players mitigate it when we find issues. You can read more about it here.

My computer handles higher temps on more graphically intense games without doing this. This is literally the only game doing it and it started around November of so. It’s pretty clear of dust. I’m at a loss.



What kind of numbers did you see in the max column after running that HWmonitor test, particularly for the CPU? Can you get us screenshot of the CPU/GPU temps and clock speeds right after the crash happens? You can upload those somewhere and link them here. (You may not be able to post links yet based on your forum reputation, but if you have problems just replace periods with {DOT} and we’ll check them out.)

I don’t even know what forum reputation is, but I’ll grab it next time I have a crash.

this just happened to me, I had to reboot to fix despite playing perfectly fine a few hours before

I took my computer apart and cleaned out the dust really well, and re-ran some of the cables because my organization skills are lacking when it comes to any sort of cable management.

After running a few DMs, my temp was showing at 79 max. No crashes yet. Here’s hoping.

Glad things seem better. Fingers crossed, keeping an eye on this - keep us updated!

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Alas, the crash happened. This time I had my rendering up to 150, which is what I always ran it at prior to November or so before this started to happen with the Moira patch (I believe)

imgur com/Th0x2Kt

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Did you happen to also get a screenshot of the data at the top? The GPU’s looking pretty solid - though it does look like there’s a slight to moderate overclock on it, depending on exactly what model of r9 200 it is. You can check this page for the intended clock speed near the bottom and use something like MSI Afterburner/EVGA PrecisionX to set it back to default clock speed.

290X Lightning. I’ll run another game at 150 and try to grab the top.

Sounds good. Did you ever update those drivers? There was a known bug with older versions of AMD drivers that should have been fixed with the more recent ones. I just realized we never confirmed if that happened.

imgur com/GcPOhh1

Yeah. I did update my drivers. I updated them, rolled them back, wiped them and installed fresh, pretty much everything possible.

Perfect. All those temps were fine - but did the crash actually happen with that last game? The data’s kind of not useful unless we reproduce the crash. Other than that, can you get us a copy of your DxDiag using these instructions? Once you have that made, open the file. You’ll need to copy and paste the contents of the Text document into the post using the “Code” button (</>). This will give me some more information which I can use to dig deeper into this case.?

Yes, that was a crash. Putting the render up to 150 pretty much guarantees I’ll only get through about 4 minutes of a match before it crashes so it’s at least predictable. Hang on, I’ll get the DxDiag.

edit: pastebin com/1MMZRZ2t

Okay, unfortunately not a huge amount of info in this. The rendering device lost codes windows are giving are the generic kind, and we ruled out hardware overheating. Let’s make sure to disable the overclock on your GPU - it’s slight but it’s still something that could lead to instability. According to the page I linked earlier you should be capping out at 1000 MHz and you’re hitting 1080 MHz, indicating a slight overclock. If you didn’t do it yourself, you can use one of the programs I mentioned earlier to try to fix it.

The last things I can think of without getting you to put in a ticket is doing a total driver clean and reinstall with Display Driver Uninstaller and closing absolutely everything other than the game itself while playing. Since you’ve done several driver updates/rollbacks/etc, we want to make sure nothing corrupted got left behind.

  1. Download, but do not install the most recent driver for your graphics card from AMD.
  2. Download Display Driver Uninstaller from The Wagnard Mobile Forum. (Click “Official Download Here” near the bottom of Wagnard’s first post. It will automatically download)
  3. Run the Display Driver Uninstaller file you downloaded and “extract” it to desktop
  4. On your desktop, click “Display Driver Uninstaller” and run it. Do not run in safe mode.
  5. Click “Clean and Restart”
  6. After restart, install the driver that we downloaded above in step 1.

If none of this handles it, your best bet is likely going to be hitting us up live - we can use your MSInfo file to look into more options for you - but we don’t want to upload that here because it’s a ton of info. If that’s where you go, make sure to link this thread so people can see what you’ve already tried.