[another Mercy thread] You are nerfing wrong utility Blizzard


Guardian Angel should be nerfed, not LPM


1. Why she is not in healthy spot right now - to the raging Mercy mains
Mercy is a #1 pick and a go to main/solo healer. This is not good, trust me. There have been SOO MANY TIMES where I was pretty much forced to swap out of Moira/Ana and it just gets me mad. I can actually do as much with them but people want the cheesy comp. Speaking of which,
2. Pharmercy - I need medicine for cancer please
This is my first season. I’m in gold right now. Pretty much every single time I see that dreaded duo pooping rockets around blindly at some point of the game. When in doubt and loosing, cast your dignity aside and make it rain.
3. How does she actually compare - perspective of someone actually playing all the healers
She already does not have the most burst heal, both Moira and Ana can provide way better clutch heals.
Her utility is decent - res is great substitute for lack of burst heal(and actually most unique part of her kit, taking that away would kill her completely imho, since some argue that this is the skill to be reworked) and DMG boost is great way to spent your free time.
Mobility is where she excels, and why she is part of the infamous duo instead of lets say Zen - as she actually can follow every insane dmg ange DildoBlaster wants to go for. And you can see easily that this is the imbalanced part of her kit when you compare her to other supports - the only one with similar mobility is Lucio, where speed and mobility is core part of his kit… you know, the reason why his healing isn’t as good as a tradeoff?
I know, Mercy needs good positioning which already requires game sense and comm skills, but look at this this way - Moira has fade, which has higher CD, provides less mobility(much needed because of the LPM range) and is main defense tool(once again - small range, scloser to the fray, bigger danger) and Ana has NOTHING but her map knowlege.
I mean by that Mercy is way more forgiving than other supports. And by that, she makes everyting more forgiving, to the point of stupidity.
5. 1.27 - Mercy still #1 support, forums filled with salt that there is no healing
Let’s see - The changes go thru. Mercy not played anymore? You wish, damage pocket and res are too insane. Pharmercy is still there, so is Bastion pocketing, all the low SR plagues remain. She can still be played recklessly because the part that allows it remains unchanged. But now the actual healing is bit more in the hands of other supports, narrowing the choices for both slots. Not very balanced if you ask me.

Mercy is a healer by the very definition and design concept, the beam should hence be last part of her kit to be nerfed.
The main focus should be to make the kit less forgiving - this way players with high game sense won’t be hit, only the ones who want to cheese the game with “Get out of Jail” card on 1,5s CD.
And I know, she is to be beginner friendly. But given that players learing the game are to play her, in my opinion they still should not be encouraged to play stupid.

And if someone says that you can buff other healers, let me tell you a story:
There once was a game called Warframe. And in that game there was a frame with unhealthy kit called Loki. He was straight up impossible to balance. So DE who had created the game decided to release more unhealthy frames, because if everyone is OP, nobody is. And the Power Creep led balance to hell and many veteran players abandoned their Tenno which they sank thousands of hours in as the game had no challenge to them anymore.
The End.


I believe nerfing mercy healing capability from 60 to 50 will destroy the character.

The real reason she is picked so much, even in competitive play is because she has ressurection. Either increase its cooldown or rework this to something else.


Rez on E is the problem.

Her basic kit existed previously and she was sub-par, minus the bunny hop. Take rez off E, put one instant charge on Valk, reduce valk to 10 seconds, give her minor utility on E.


becasue rez is on a short cd and valk makes a balanced ST healer into an oppressive group healer? (its the only reason she out heals moira and ana as outside of ults they beat her)

nerfing GA wouldnt stopthis. mercy can float(slowfall) and at heights they go she have plenty of time to wait for a CD to reset.

becasue she is flat out designed to be a highly mobile healer? who would of guessed /s

CC still works on GA, it basically says where she is heading (to an ally), and unlike ana/moira she has no cc nor panic button. (every healer has their niche afterall)

fade is better than GA in most situations.
Given moira has to get clsoe to fight, it basically lets her GTFO of unfavorable situations.
Ana has sleep dart. excluding player aim (as that isnt Ana’s fault but players), it is a powerful defense skill.

nobody QQ’s about dmg boosting normally. Only on ults (and only recently sicne its becoem a big issue following hanzo’s mess of a rework).
long as she has valk and rez liek she does she will be powerful.

i agree her healign shoudlnt be hit primarily, but her valk healing should of been hit (atleast it’s branches) becasue she (somewhat)negates need for a lucio’s group healing or a zen’s ult/orisa ult.

and GA isnt a get out of jail card. she can still die during it and after it.

mercy needs some QOL/TLC, Lucio needs some major love (as he is extemely niche and why he is least played of healers)

Ana needs a redesign of her primary healing/damage (as in a way to toggle between dmg or healing bullets so you arent punished as much for having enemy body block or an ally move) and a new form of bio nade (it is good , but given she is a sniper n ability that has logn travel time over distence is not working with the design)

Zen i’d say is good. he is the hybrid who heals and dps all concurrently.

brig…well brig is brig.

moira should be much better with her buffs.


I disagree, I do not think Mercy’s mobility should be nerfed. In fact, I think her mobility is the only thing about her that separates good Mercy players from bad Mercy players because you can use movement to outplay. I think her mobility makes up for the fact that she can’t defend herself without sacrificing healing, which is her main focus. Other healers can heal and do damage simultaneously.

That being said, I do think Mercy needs some changes. I am a Mercy player, but I think rez as we know it needs to go (it’s not fun for the Mercy or anyone else). I think Mercy needs LOS to heal. I think if we have rez at all then it needs to be something that is earned, not something available as soon as you walk out of spawn. I think Valk is a terrible ult and the only time it is useful is if your team is grouped up for damage boost and actually shoots at things, but as people have said before it’s just a budget orisa ult/spectator mode. I think Mercy 2.0 is broken and dull to play. Is anyone actually happy with her?

I think the literal best thing would be to change Mercy 1.0
Her ult is rez, but she also has a resource meter like Zarya’s charge that decays if she is not healing/damage boosting. Her ult guarantees 1 hero rez, but her resource meter allows up to 3 teammates to be rezzed at once if the meter is full. LOS required for rez. No more invulnerability for Mercy after rez. No more big rez coming from spawn, no more hiding. You should be active in the fight to earn rez, and no more abusing spawn to stay alive. That way good Mercy players are rewarded and bad Mercy players are not. Isn’t that the problem everyone had with rez before? The hiding, the sitting in spawn, it was cheap and easy to get rez off before. I think if you can stay alive and in the fight maybe you deserve a rez. Maybe I’m wrong though, Idk.


i like that ideea thet rez would be the ult again even tho i dont like rez changed and nerfed and valk to be on E