Another low FPS thread


since the Busan patch, been getting 20 fps in combat (just like all these others that arent getting any help or acknowledgement)

also, since then, the 180 Reinhardt bug has reared its ugly head. not sure why… but it seems to only happen when my frames are low. raising and lowering my shield or using firestrike while my shield is up while not in combat and in spawn doesn’t make the bug appear… but in combat, when my frames dip sharply, if i lower my shield for any reason, i flip either 90 or 180 degrees.

between the FPS loss and the Rein bug, i cannot play comp
i wanna know if the OW team is working on these issues, or is it getting swept under the rug?


Can you detail what steps you’ve taken from the instructions in the sticky threads to try and fix the FPS issue? GUIDE: Maximizing System Performance for Overwatch (PC)

Please report bugs in the Bug Report forum.


reinstalled windows, reinstalled ow, updated my AMD drivers, game is full screen, setting set to low, vsync off, triple buffering off, reduce buffering is on, render scale is 75%, all that.
OW is the only thing running, set my power plan thing to high performance, blah blah blah. havent been able to squeeze a single extra frame out of it.
i dunno. nothing has helped. so…


Are you sure the right card is being utilized? Let’s look at a dxdiag.


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Again, same issue. Multiple users reported this. Still no information from blizzard. Really, really disappointing.


And the other users reporting that their FPS has improved with the update (myself included). Just because it seems like a lot of people have the same problem, there are so many hardware, software, and peripheral combinations that you can’t be sure they are the same. This is why we ask everyone who wants to troubleshoot to start their own threads instead of just chiming in with “me too” on an issue.


can i not post a pastebin link with my dxdiag?


just give the end of the link, we can fill in the pastebin part


i contacted support and they said nothing seemed off about my dxdiag


I can’t do anything else for you without looking at it, but if they said it’s ok and you’re satisfied with that, my work here is done.