Another losing streak and impossible matches

Dont belittle the effort it would take to setup a compilation of proof material which would satisfy all the people who are just waiting to find just a tiny single reason to blame the subject player for the losses because he didnt perform perfectly in those games.

Ah, yes, the “I’m not posting evidence because nobody would take it seriously” excuse. You sure hear that one a lot from people with actual, compelling evidence, lol

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What are the odds in hell is autist enough to records all their matches & others to prove this? You have no argument either.

Even OWL players make mistakes - the difference is that they

  1. accept that they make mistakes
  2. look for their own mistakes
  3. have coaches look for mistakes they miss
  4. work to correct their mistakes
  • all without blaming their teammates for their failures or posting conspiracy theories on the forums.

Wow, it’s almost as though I’m not the one making the claim and therefore don’t need to provide evidence. Better late than never, I guess.

And how hard is it to stream? Surely if you believed in this farkakte conspiracy theory, you’d put in the minimal effort to prove it? Unless, you know that you cant.

Not sure why you’re going on about autism, but I, personally, don’t think that’s the cause of all this conspiratorial babyrage


Look at my winrates and playtime. I only play support. And i only play on the weekends. Match making is fine.
You are the only constant in your games.
Dont Q at 5am on NA.
Dont Q and cry/command the team on mic.
Dont Q if you are only paying for SR.
Q if you are trying to get better.
The SR will follow naturally.
Exampe, i have a 2700 account with 43.25% winrate right now. It gains SR still.
The system detects good players and vise versa. Get overyourself and work harder, you insult players who bust @ss to climb when you complain like this.
And remeber, everyone has a skill cap, no amount of training will ever lead me to becoming an Olympian, same applies here. You could just have peeked.
Maybe its time to one trick easy heroes.
Edit- you have 5 hours on mei, then the next hero is moria, you dont even play meta heroes, stop making posts untill you become more self aware. You are the problem in your own games.

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We should just start copy/pasting this 9n idiotic threads like this until these people accept reality: there’s no forced anything, it is their fault they lost just as much as it is their teams. However looking at your teammates errors and ignoring ones own will get a player nowhere.


Personal responsibility is a helluva drug…


If it is so obvious then you should have no problem meeting your burden of proof.

Can you?

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If you’re going for running a mile at a record pace and get a rare tailwind that gives you an otherwise unattainable time, do you get mad at the weather or realize it was luck and keep running?

If you get those big loss streaks, it’s because you had a win streak you didn’t deserve beforehand.


What i am saying is, that if someone takes up the challenge to create proof material (or at least evidence), they would have to be sure that it is solid enough not to be debunked instantly in the following precidence trial on these forums where, if it goes wrong, it would serve as proof for the opposition that all the “conspirators” were wrong all along… until another guy takes up the challenge to create evidence, which may take a little longer that time…

Don’t listen to players who try to make fun of it. This is a serious problem.

It most likely has something to do with your attitude to lost games.
A well-thinking player would try to support the team in a game where his team is clearly losing. E.g. with a hero/role change, fight at objective etc.
You shouldn’t do that in Overwatch if you can see that your team doesn’t stand a chance.

The Matchmaker compares patterns of similar games and calculates your contribution at the end of the game. (A game in which your team is overrun is being compared to a similar match.)

So the best thing you can do is try to get the best possible statistics. This does not only affect the SR allocation below diamond rank. It also affects which players will join your team in the next game. (!)

If the matchmaker compares you with a pattern and you consistently play better than the players in the reference patterns, then the matchmaker doesn’t really want to see you on this rating anymore. Because this means that the effort needed to put together a team is higher.

Maybe you make little mistakes that are punished much harder than many players think.
That’s why Blizzard doesn’t want to reveal the secret Hero metrics. There are Heroes that can be used to perform more easily and consistently, even if your team is losing.

I just don’t understand why it has to be like this. All I’m asking is for blizzard to tone down whatever they’re doing in their algorithm. It’s like taking someone’s SR and hitting it with a sledge hammer over and over again.

So the evidence of forced losses would actually have to support the idea that forced losses are a thing? As opposed to a video of someone soft throwing (intentionally or unintentionally) their games? Oh, how unfair.

Instead of people asking for proof that forced losses exist, I think the request should be for proof that forced losses aren’t a thing. There is obviously something that triggers these streaks. It is not RNG

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Youre clearly trying your best to not understand my point.

Imagine Fusions, after his burst out against the Outlaws, comes to the forums and creates a thread to blame his teammates for the loss.

He will have video evidence that the developers are forcing win and loss streaks because how come his team was decent first 2 stages while the Outlaws were crap, but now it’s the complete opposite?

That might be a worthy thread.

From Kaawumba’s topic, in Persistent Myths section, plus the Blizzard references:

Forced loss streaks

There is an old and persistent conspiracy theory that Blizzard’s algorithms force players to have a 50% win rate by nefarious means (if a player is doing well, very poor players are put on his team to make him lose, often for many games in a row). This has been contradicted by Blizzard (7, 46), is contradicted by people’s ability to climb (13), and would be a horrible and difficult-to-implement design. The truth is much simpler. If a player wins more than he loses, his SR/MMR goes up. As it rises, he is placed against stronger opponents (and with stronger allies), which increases the chance that he will lose (7). Once in equilibrium, the average person he faces (and is allied with) is at his skill level, and the only way to go up is to become a better player. The win/loss patterns and streaks are fully consistent (in the mathematical sense) with the system as Blizzard describes it, and are not consistent with a system in which Blizzard forces wins and losses (34).

Links in order of reference point in the above text

Link 7:

Link 46:

Link 13:

Link 7 already above

Link 34:

If you lose 18-20 You belong.
If you lose 20-25 You are falling.
If you lose more then you gain, you are under performing compared to others at the same rank on the same heroes.
Thats you.

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I have one account at diamond level where I am getting a 50% WR and at a higher SR on 2/3 roles on another account that Ive used more my WR is like 93% rn. The system in place is so messed up, you cant have people in this thread pretending like its fantastic and this guy is 100% wrong and have any integrity.