Another indirect nerf Genji

For a long time, he received only nerfs, both direct and indirect, for example, putting Moira and Brigitte into the game, balancing jumps for all characters, or Sombra hack, which was able to disable passive skills, and now this they introduce an improvement for all the rays, maybe it’s time to somehow buff Genji?

No. 20characters…


Just nanoblyad them all buddy and you’re good.

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yeah the hero has like what, only 4% pickrate! He should be must pick!



If you are not able to get on it, and for you it is invulnerable, this does not mean that the character is fine.

Give me a handheld Ana for my birthday, or lend you handheld Mercy. ; )

I got no idea what youre talking about. Did they improve raycasting for hitscan heroes or something?

Also Genji’s got nothing on indirect nerfs compared to Pharah :frowning:

If I were to come up with a buff for Genji though, I would lower the cooldown of swift strike so he would have more mobility options (but I also think theyd have to slightly lower the damage or it would be pretty unfair)

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Indirect nerfs arent things. The character is still the same, its interactions that have changed, and that is just progression in action.


I talked about it.

They call it “bug fix”, in fact, another indirect nerf.


If you see these 2 then its your time to swap hero if you keep feeding them. Those arent nerfs.

And, the smartest ones knows how to not feed/work around these heroes.
Also, if you think that these heroes are ‘‘nerfs’’ for genji what about winston?
Cause his countering genji pretty much aswell.


I’m pretty sure most of the changes was an indirect buff instead of a nerf. I can’t remember much but, movement changes and ultimate changes are good examples even though they’re very old.

He is still the most OP hero in the game and you people want him buffed.

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How 'bout checking first if he even need buffs?


Which hero makes people switch off Brig or Moira? Hard countering is trash and only effects certain characters. All of the characters introduced to “balance” genji and tracer have no counters themselves and as a result are completely brain-dead god characters until high ELO.

genji was way op, so we expected them to fix him, or put in counters. they put in counters and he is still really strong. trust me, genji does not need a buff. you just need to not be greedy of a player, reflect moira ball, dash away like you are supposed to. fight brig at a distance, his shurikens are insane damage, dash for combo quick kill. sombra, oh now a counter, like every other hero has… just keep shooting her and stay in good positions. most of the time people get countered it is because they were in poor positioning. genji does not need a buff, you just need to learn to use his toolkit better

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Threads like these are a consequence of people maining a hero that’s been borderline OP for years.

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Guess other heroes dont have counter and Genji is the only one being bullied

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Doesn’t change the power of nanoblade tho

This only affects people who have bad aim, it’s not like these characters had a dps buff, they just dish out damage more consistently on faster characters now, for players who’s aim is not that great.
There is barely any difference for people with good aim.

This isn’t an indirect nerf their damage numbers did not change, they do the same damage only now its distributed evenly instead of doing random damage in different intervals while successfully tracking