Anniversary - Ashe's Dance Emote


If she doesn’t dance formally with B.O.B. we raid the forums. If B.O.B. isn’t in the dance emote at all we riot.


Its gonna be the Waltz w/ Bob. Calling it from now.


Rule 1 about strategy and tactics… Never reveal your plans about or on the target while in front of your target. Huge mistake. Lol.


Putting bob in an emote would act as an ult decoy.


Reinhardt already has the waltz though


I am calling it, it’s gonna be a square/line dance similar to McCree. Watch, poor Bob won’t even be in it, but instead, it will be like a “partner dance” with McCree…

I hope it’s something random actually lol


I thought id be square dancing with BOB


You are all uncultured swine if you thing she’s going to do anything but tango with BOB.

And, yes, she dips BOB. Rose and all.


There’s going to be knee slapping…


I think country western dancing is a little too obvious… like caramelldanzen was for Brigitte.

They’ll probably surprise us with Ashe breaking out beatboxing while BOB shows us his b-boy skills.


The joke

Your head


W O O sh
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