Animation drops and abilities issues



Few days ago I noticed animation drops - looks like lag but connection is withing 50ms range or lower, FPS around 100 constantly.

I’ve tried repairing files, no help. Re-installed game - no help. Format PC and new windows installation - no help.

Drivers and system up to date. It started at similar time as new World Cup Viewer app. PC temps are fine and I can’t hink of any new programs I might have installed. Virus checks made with no issues registered.

When I play soldier I can’t run with Shift - it starts to and goes back to default speed after half a second.

I’ve never had issue like that. It seems to affect different game too (Witcher 3 during battle). Anyone has any idea how to fix this? It’s annoying and makes competitive mode unplayable.


I maintain a topic here in the technical support forum which may help troubleshooting such lag. Please consider going through it carefully to see if you can minimize such issues:


I have been trying most of the recommendations from topic you attached. My specs:

I5 7400
8gb RAM
GTX 1060
SSD 500 GB (no less than 300GB free).

Animation drops - I’ll try to explain:

When I walk animation slows down like a lag, when I jump there is no such issue. When I play soldier and press shift for sprint in doesn’t work. When I strife right-left animation drops get worse.

When I press TAB for my stats it’s like it was re-pressing itself very quickly and blinks on the screen with no option to see anything.

Just played ranked to see if uninstalling some default programs would help. It didn’t.

Do you have any other suggestions?

I’ve noticed interesting fact -

When my FPS is approx 30-40 it works fine, when it’s 60 up I have all issues described above. Is this driver problem, monitor or graphic card? As it is most likely not game related.


Try checking for background processes that could be hindering:


It didn’t help Wyoming.

FPS limit for all working fine is 42FPS, above the game breaks.

CTRL+SHIFT+N shows some variations but my results are no higher than 64ms all across the board.

I haven’t had this issue until last weekend. I did have MS Visual error shortly before that but that looks fine, no error pop-ups, fresh Windows, drivers, instalation, even SSD is brand new.

The only change I’ve noticed is PPS Out - 42FPS or less it’s ~35, when I put limit up and fps is higher it jumps to ~65