AndyB, Hotdogs with Ketchup is normal

Damn you guys are making me feel hungry now :frowning_face:

Hotdogs with ketchup is normal, I agree and so is pineapple on pizza.

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“Chilli Dogs”
-sonic the hedgehog 1991

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I had pineapple on a burger once.

It was really good, actually.

It was a themed burger, it had a teriyaki sauce, leaf lettuce, thin sliced caramelized onion, with a pineapple ring on a nice thick toasted bun.

So good.

Sounds like something a bot would say

I used to put ketchup on my hot dogs. I later matured and started using BBQ sauce instead.

Ranch is a better version of ketchup though

i personally like hot dogs with chocolate milk powder

(not really)

Oreos with applesauce are superior fyi

The first time someone tried to get me to try it that way, I thought they were nuts. It sounded so gross. But when I tried it, it was actually good.

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Ketchup is overrated

Tomato and onion are superior

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Typical barbeque sauce is best for smoked meat like ribs or briskets in my experience.
Burgers, hotdogs, brats, etc. don’t really. Ketchup and mustard are more suited to those though I wouldn’t turn down chili.

ketchup is just sub-par bbq sauce


I like my hot dogs plain, thanks.

… AndyB throwing the lightly veiled shade…


No but seriously if you eat ketchup on things you like ketchup, you don’t like the things because I will tell you all right now all you are tasting is ketchup.

You know who loves ketchup? …


Man, imagine feeling like you’re too good for ketchup. You’re the type of people who feel old at 20.

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Andy, I love you but i´ll fight you to death for this, i´ll die for ketchup.

Nothing is better than brazilian hotdog, which is basically hotdog + whatever you want…