AndyB, Hotdogs with Ketchup is normal

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a barbeque where there wasn’t ketchup, mustard, and relish as choices for the Hotdogs.


I have a friend who puts Nutella on her cheese bread rolls :sob:


You a Chicago style hot dog guy?


Barbecue sauce. Or alternatively no sauce and just have fried onions, bacon bits and cheese.

Besides Tomato sauce is a better alternative to Ketchup due to not having as much sugar content. Better for your heart overall too.

With what else one eats hotdog if not with ketchup? :thinking:

But it is called barbecue for a reason.

I’m really most partial to a good Coney dog with onions, mustard, and just a dash of hot pepper (shout out to Coney Island in Ft. Wayne, IN)


But I like sweet things (and bbq sauce has just as much sugar if not more).

If you start that conversation we have to argue which barbeque is best
(Pulled pork with a Western Carolina sauce, of course)

Have you never grilled hot dogs at a BBQ? BBQ sauce is excellent on grilled hot dogs.

Dude don’t knock dipping your french fries in honey. I tried it a long time ago because I had gotten some chicken nuggets and they gave me honey so I just… tried it with my fries.

Now 70 percent of my family dips their fries in honey.

TRY IT, I’m dead serious.

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I see all this hotdog talk and I’m just like, chilli dogs are the only thing that matter here


I’m not American, so I’ll never pretend to be the authority on hotdogs, but ketchup on hotdogs is normal af.


It’s even more normal to eat hot dogs with sauerkraut, bacon, and other toppings, if you aren’t eating it at home.

Granted I hate sauerkraut. Like it’s disgusting, and I am ashamed of my Germanic forebears for ever coming up with it. Ew.

Also very normal: Chili cheese dog, corn dog.

On my hotdogs I like diced onion, bacon crumble, cheddar cheese, brown mustard, sweet pickle relish.

No ketchup.

It is the American dream. Yes.

Depends which barbecue sauce. There’s that many varieties from hickory, honey, spicy to some that are more chilli than anything.

I tend to lean towards more sugar and salt free varieties, but enjoy the flavor of hickory from time to time.

That’s a deep rabbit hole to go down with no clear definitive answer.

Yeah, it’s real basic. Like white picket fences and standard designed houses as far as the eye can see.

I’m a big fan of honey bbq sauces (honey in general), but my favorite is hands down kentucky bourbon sauces. I make a totally awesome batch of slow-cooked baked beans (24 hours cook time) with kentucky bourbon bbq sauce.

Props for taking your dogs with onions.

Dude, people look at me like I’m doing something crazy when I put mayo on my hot dogs.

I have never had BBQ sauce on a hot dog I am open to it though. Anybody like those yellow pickled peppers (I think they’re called banana peppers) on your hot dog?

Best way to have a hotdog imo. With onions preferably.

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Mayo is fine on this sandwich. Although if you Ketchup and Mustard it… it might be overkill. (Hot Dogs are sandwiches)

I’m basic and just like bun, dog, chilli personally

Also yes they are banana peppers


Damn you guys are making me feel hungry now :frowning_face: