Ana's buff isn't enough

no no no she doesn’t need any of that trash. the new buff is huge. the only thing she needs on top of it is for her nade to also go through allies. coming from an over 300 hour ana main. the meta is already changing around her making her viable, but she’s still the worst pick because other healers are just better at what they do. this new buff will bring her closer. doing the same thing for her nade would make her completely viable.

As for Mobility I would support a wall climb similar to Hanzo where she runs straight up a wall for access to new vantage points. However, her low mobility is part of her balance for the burst healing she can do.

Other then that would require too much of a rework, and most likely cost us something that we would not want to lose…

As for self sustain, I would prefer a Heal on Hit, or Heal over Time on hit to a passive health regeneration. As it maintains her skill level, and helps show the difference between lower and higher skilled players. I am not the highest skilled players out there by quite a lot, but I love Ana and am trying hard to improve.

Overall, I think anything else would possibly be to much…

I did talk about allowing her to pierce barriers while scoped, with a charge mechanic similar to Widow. However, I don’t think this is necessary, especially if they fix the bug with Moira.


i honestly think she would be great if she had 2 nades

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Absolutely hell no. 2 nades wouls delete an entire team since they can’t be healed for full amount of 8 seconds and not counting on 60 damage per nade on top of that.

This would throw the game-balance out of windows entirely.


Good that balancing team didn’t take some trash feedback like this seriously.

Let Ana use one of her medipen on herself !

People are too focused on Ana being bad because she was bad for so long due to dive. Now that the meta has shifted to something more deathball-y, it’s far easier to judge Ana’s power based on a meta she isn’t completely terrible at.

She’s still lacking due to power-creep, hence these buffs. But she isn’t nearly as far off where she should be, and overbuffing her would repeat Season 2/3.

Without user control/input over the mechanic it is almost a nerf you know, you can’t pre-heal anymore…

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This only cleans up lower level gameplay but does nothing to make her better at higher levels

I think they should change so one bullet is actually two, eg, she shoot one bullet but it’s “two-in-one”, one for healing and one for damage. The damage one are getting blocked my barriers and the healing one isn’t. The bullets also go through a targets, so if you heal someone infront of you, the “damage-part” will go through and could potentionally hit an enemy. This could also be the case for her nade.

They are right they basically just quoted daddy Jeff

Honestly, Ana needs some QoL changes to bring her up to par with other supports. These are some I would like to see.

  1. Her Bionade needs a cooldown reduction to 8 seconds, but needs to reduce enemy healing instead of block it (50% would be good). It’s too strong of an ability and would be frustrating to play against on an 8s cooldown in it’s current state.
  2. Sleep dart needs to have the same travel speed as her unscoped shots for consistency. This could also use a small cooldown reduction (~10s)
  3. Her ultimate needs speed boost returned. It’s very underwhelming unless you nano a Soldier or Genji.
  4. She also needs some of her health converted to shields to help with poke damage.
  5. Another suggestion is that she can get some mobility. Having a sniper that can’t access high ground is counter-intuitive. If not, she needs a dodge ability like Mccree or Hanzo.

its not even a buff if u look at it objectively as it removes her ability to pre heal

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And an 8 second Sleep Dart. After that, lets see how things go.

I personally feel it’s fine if they don’t want to give her a passive regen, but then they should lower her Sleep. If they don’t want to do that, then speed up the travel time and lower the frames of animation for her wind-up.

I would call it a trade-off. Be able to pre-heal is good, but unable to shoot through full-health allies is worse than it. There are many scenarios that your allies blocking your way to heal the target which is worse than pre-heal someone who got little hurt.

It is a trade-off and better than what was loss.

Let her bionade give het a self speed boost for a short time. Mobility issued fixed without changing her play style. Done. All she needs. No more changes plz. Shooting through full HP heroes is a terrible “buff” and reduces her skill cap. Keep her a skill based hero for $#!!s sake your ruining the game!! Let us POSITION and AIM. Not just ball up and blitzkrieg which takes no skill …just team coordination (which never existed is low tier anyways)