Ana's buff isn't enough


She needs survivability buff more than increased healing output


I really hope you’re right.


This is, and increased healing output. She has high healing and she takes time to be good at. She has many abilities that can save her (if youre good at them) and she is not built for a dive meta anyway.

She is going to be strong in the shield meta


I agree + disagree. She did need this for a long time coming, and it is a step in the right direction; however, it’s not really enough as you all say. Hopefully devs continue to buff her, and don’t just leave her for months like they did with the DMG buff.


Sleep dart isn’t enough vs shield or mobility based heroes when usually grenade is already used for self sustain. She needs more passive, maybe like auto regen or she gets healed when she heals or damage(pick one). Similar to moira.


Here we go. It is a good buff exactly.


so dont use it on a shield, wait for the enemy to drop it.


I want Ana to have a flip move-ability. In her Intro, we see her flipping away from bullets. This is an good evasion and makes her dodge things like hook, dva bomb, Moira’s damage orb, etc.

You get the picture, make Ana have a flip evasive with a 4 second cooldown.

Also reduce her grenade from 10 seconds down to 8 seconds.


Well that’s actually called a buff, compared to the shooting through full health teammates (just QoL).

But with this that means she won’t get self sustain buff :sob:

Because blizz usually doesn’t give to many buff.


Is that all they gave her? Do her shots go through fully healed allies at least? This is a QoL not a buff and if this is all she is getting then she will still be a bad pick.


She’s already dead at that time.


Her Grenade is too powerful in term of both offensive and defensive. That is only ability I don’t need it to be buffed because its bs 4 effects at once (more heal, block heal, heal and damage).

She needs some adjustment to make her getting more reward from being high-skill hero, not on the skill which is easy to use.


Agreed. Grenade doesn’t need a buff. I don’t want her to get the mercy treatment afterwards.


It the only thing I use to heal myself with. :frowning:


That’s why i requested auto regen.


no no no she doesn’t need any of that trash. the new buff is huge. the only thing she needs on top of it is for her nade to also go through allies. coming from an over 300 hour ana main. the meta is already changing around her making her viable, but she’s still the worst pick because other healers are just better at what they do. this new buff will bring her closer. doing the same thing for her nade would make her completely viable.


As for Mobility I would support a wall climb similar to Hanzo where she runs straight up a wall for access to new vantage points. However, her low mobility is part of her balance for the burst healing she can do.

Other then that would require too much of a rework, and most likely cost us something that we would not want to lose…

As for self sustain, I would prefer a Heal on Hit, or Heal over Time on hit to a passive health regeneration. As it maintains her skill level, and helps show the difference between lower and higher skilled players. I am not the highest skilled players out there by quite a lot, but I love Ana and am trying hard to improve.

Overall, I think anything else would possibly be to much…

I did talk about allowing her to pierce barriers while scoped, with a charge mechanic similar to Widow. However, I don’t think this is necessary, especially if they fix the bug with Moira.


i honestly think she would be great if she had 2 nades


If it turns out she does need additional buffs after this, I’m thinking a Fallout-style stimpak that she can only use on herself. This is suitable for her character and gives her a form of dedicated self-healing. It should heal less than her nade would (let’s go with 60) but you could also combo it with the nade to restore up to 190HP very quickly if you take an unfortunate massive hit.


Absolutely hell no. 2 nades wouls delete an entire team since they can’t be healed for full amount of 8 seconds and not counting on 60 damage per nade on top of that.

This would throw the game-balance out of windows entirely.