Ana ult line bugged?


“You’re powered up get in there!” isn’t playing maybe 50% of the time. And no, this isn’t when being used on Bob, it’s when used on any hero. Anyone else getting this?


I haven’t really noticed it, no.


It’s “Nano boost administered” when you’re not the teammate receiving it.


No-one else experiencing this? It sometimes happens when recieving the ult too.


Noticed it, she is completely silent when using it. I hear it from enemy Ana’s tho.


Yes i noticed it too.


I was about to ask about this myself. I mainly play supports, typically Zen and Ana and noticed she is silent when doing a friendly nano. I thought that reinstall update would fix it…nope. I miss hearing “You’re powered up get in there!” :disappointed_relieved:


Or the Arabic lines.


To be honest, I would really love to hear the Arabic line when I administer the nano boost.


There’s a megathread in the bug forum about audio issues like this (missing sfx, ult lines, footsteps, weird volume disparities, etc.), please share your experience and any videos you have so this problem stays highlighted for devs to fix:


Wait I’ve noticed this when playing Ana and thought it was just bad internet connection for me!


Supports hear the ultimate voicelines in English and the enemies hear them in their languages. :frowning:


That also applies to widowmaker as well when the player is supposed to hear her French line from a self perspective.