Ana should heal more than Mercy


I strongly disagree with this statement!
For the number of trade-offs Ana has and she isn’t even designed to have the highest healing seems unfair.
There is a reason why Ana was used in the tank meta and that is because she has the highest healing output in the game.
I feel like it should be this way as well! The healer that has to aim all her shots to heal should have a higher healing output than Mercy, especially as she hardly has any self-sustain and no mobility at all.

Questions whether they know there own game and the direction they want to take Mercy and Ana


Can you hit all of your shots 100% of the time?


Too bad :man_shrugging:


if your too busy trying to get more value out of ana from a purely healing perspective, shes going to be awful as you are being ignorant towards her other strengths.

to me Ana works best working alongside another main healer that both cover her mistakes (darts blocked, missed, not in postion etc.), and lets ana have more focus on dealing long range dmg/healing and other utilly usage outside of defence and team healing


I’m pretty sure what Blizzard means for Mercy in this quote is that she’s able to consistently produce raw healing, which in turn lets her reach higher numbers of healing. Ana is the best solo healer in the game, but her lack of consistency is an intended flaw that separates her from Mercy.

So if it means anything, it’s pretty clear that they WANT Ana to have the “bigger” heals, hence why Mercy got an HPS nerf. Mercy is still the most consistent healer, but Ana wedges herself in by being less consistent, more skill oriented, and have that potential for much higher healing on individual targets.


no but 60% is good enough


As an Ana main, I’m actually okay with Ana healing less than Mercy. Not by 6k though. With that being said, I really don’t understand why mercy is allowed to heal more in a game on average than Moira, who really only has healing going for her.


Technically Ana have strongest heals. Practically Mercy is just more consistent so she outshines rest of Main Support Crew.


Wait, so are you saying Mercy has a better offensive than Moira?


Ana can heal and deal good damage and antyheal and sleep. Mercy can heal and rez (an other form of heal). Shouldn’t a pure healler heal better?


You mean other than being one of the best 1v1 duellists in the game?


Considering Moira’s offense is her means of survival since she only gets one chance to escape on a 6 second cooldown and 15m range while Mercy has an escape on 1.5seconds that goes 30m+bunny hop and brings her to a team mate making it a 2v1, I’m not even sure how you could compare the two.


yes, but Op is suggesting that Ana should flat outheal Mercies consistency without having that same consistency herself, which is an indirect implication that Ana should have some ridiculously large HPS per shot


Ana has anti heals and sleep dart. You’re going to have to NOT have those if you want to have top healing.


You’re missing the key word in his statement, CONSISTENTLY heal. Which, by design, she should, as she doesn’t have aim intensive heals. Ana’s heals are better, but harder to pull off.


Im not sure either. Moira’s ability can be used by herself so she’s okay even if there isnt’ a teammate. Also she can’t be hurt while using her ability. As a Mercy main I know damn well to stay away from her. She has better offensive then Mercy. Mercy on the other hand is screwed if there isn’t an ally around. And if there is, they would still be around for Moira so that’s a moot point.


You do realize mercy is getting heal nerf right?


But she also has zero mobility and little self-sustain.

When you compare her to Mercy, she is just a joke! Mercy even has an ult on a CD.

Can someone tell me what Mercy’s trade-offs are?


Survival is not the same as offensive. A good (opportunist) Moira can drop most heroes and run away (even while self healing with orb if needed) while Mercy needs to try and go for the headshots without getting hit. Sure, Moira can probably only dodge once but if she does it to the safety of her team she’s fine…just don’t overextend; that’s true for any character. Overextend with Mercy out of range of your team and see how well you survive.


If you’re getting caught out alone with nobody to fly to as mercy you’re either seriously out of position or you should probably be trying to die as soon as possible so you can respawn with the rest of your team.


Consecutive nerfs, increasingly demoralized playerbase and hated by everyone else :rofl: