Ana self grenade usage

Hello. So lately a lot of threads have been about how Ana’s incoming buff won’t help her. I do agree and I think she needs a bit of help on the sustain part.

You see the only other healer who can’t heal herself is Brigitte when there is no enemy around. And when there is, she can heal a consistent 16 HP per second.

Ana has to spend her strongest ability to gain back some health OR waste precious time walking to a health pack. (Time we are trying to avoid here as she’s getting an ammo buff)

I suggest Ana gets a similar cooldown bonus to Genji’s swift strike. If Ana would ever use the grenade only on herself (No ally receives the buff, no enemy receives the debuff or damage) she could half the cooldown so that she CAN heal 100 HP every 6 seconds. (Initial cooldown of 12)

That represents a healing of 16 per second, a similar effect that Brigitte has and isn’t too much without the detriment of losing the actual effects of the biotic grenade.

This won’t affect her power in 1v1s as she won’t anti-heal you if she chooses to get the shorter cooldown.

It might be hard to implement, but I think it would go a long way for her sustain to be viable and not needing to be babysat all game, every game.


100% agree.
Young Ana is thicc (20 characters filler)

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the best part of her kit, her nade, should be used sparingly and wisely

the problem is that ana has no form of sustain that isn’t blowing its cooldown

I think it’s still a wise usage to spend the grenade to save yourself as I’ve stayed alive a long time on 90 HP after using it, providing much more healing that way.

However she does need help because spending such a huge part of her kit on sustain isn’t optimal. Every healer in every game has the ability to keep themselves patched up, because… well… they’re medics. They know how to heal their wounds!

(Come on Ana, shoot yourself in the foot!)

This sounds good and I do believe ‘sustainability’ is an issue but, I don’t know if this is the way to go.

there are easy ways to give ana some sustain, like 10hp/100a like symmetra or a small bit of healing per bullet landed that i hope blizzard does something to address it

I think it would be cool if she just healed herself for a percentage of what she healed to teammates.

Healing a percentage of what she heals has been proposed a lot of times and blizzard doesn’t seem to care for it, maybe it represents too much in their minds.

That’s why I came up with this idea of a cooldown reduction on self usage only

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This is what Geoff said on the matter. They’d rather make Ana’s strengths stronger than reduce/remove her weaknesses.

Now it can be argued that Ana’s weakness are too great compared with her strengths, but with the meta possibly shifting towards slower deathball style Meta again. Ana by default has a better chance of being relevant already. The buffs on PTR right now will help with that but it might not be enough for her since Moira is still a better pick.