Ana plus zen combo as tank

Playing against this combo as tank is ridiculous it pretty much deletes you from the game. Only hope is your support goes kiriko but thats still not enough


I play sigma/ram into it without many issues. Just gotta play slow.


I will write “skill issue” and “just kill zen” so others don’t bother.

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They are strong from range but very weak up close. If they give you any problem, go or Winston and just melt them face to face.

Hammond & Doomfist also work if you can bait the sleep dart…
Other than that, just try to avoid their sight like you would against a sniper…

funny people say heroes that think is a pain to deal with i already know which tank i would choose… ana and zen as a tank for me would be reinhart, sigma, or ramatra… Anything i can offset orb or nade with a barrier, sig even has the suc every thing ability. Rein has heavy shield… Side not if your the only one trying to deal with support then that is a dps fail…

Ahh yes. The most logical way to play tank and take space.


Reinhardt. Zarya. Orisa. Maybe even Doomfist or Wreckingball if you go down the mobility route. Even with Wreckingball being the prime reason Orb is used!

A team that is literally just focusing the tank is leaving four other enemies to do as they please.

Maybe they can shoot the Zenyatta?

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Maybe, but playing solo you can’t count on that.

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In ow2, yes.
Protections suck (every protection only lasts couple of seconds before disapearing) and you can’t just stand in the open doing noting anyways. So the environment is your best protection anyways.

If you’re not willing to dive the support, don’t be surprised they put their heavy ranged pressure… Each hero got its strengths and weaknesses and for Zen-Ana this strength is range and weaknesses is up close.

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But that’s dumb players rather than dumb mechanics. And even then, you’re not actually asking your team to do anything.

You’re letting them do whatever they want simply without having to worry since you’re huddled there singing like Bo Burnham!

Ahh yes, my mortal enemy. 1 combo kills the zen every single dive.

If there’s one character besides a good sombra that forces me to swap Zen, its a good diving Dva. Matrix any ana heals, while the unavoidable rockets/booster/melee combo kills me.


I’m not very good at ana but even I can make doom’s life a misery and can make sure wrecking ball never hangs around long enough in a fight to kill anyone with either of my abilities.

Doom block doesn’t block any of Ana’s kit and he stands nice and still to get slept every time. Not a good counter except to an Ana that doesn’t save at least one of her abilities for his arrival.

Ana zen is one of strongest support duos

Also this ties in to my other post

“Take Space” doesn’t mean “stand there and get shot”. I was just playing a game as Ram, and Ana kept shooting at me through a tiny door. You know what I did?

I moved a little bit to the right so she couldn’t shoot me. I didn’t give up my space, I just moved a little bit to the right.

Supports trying to tear your face off!? Buy a shield, and then a health pack, for when the shield inevitably goes down, and you really need it!


Remember there are no ‘hard counters’ in OW2…because the devs said so :sweat_smile:

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You’re still going to be harder to pin down while leaping about in and out of LoS with DF and Ball than you would as DVa, Sigma, Roadhog or Junker Queen.

It’s not a perfect solution. You have other tanks that can outright negate the application of the orb.

Actually, DVa and Sigma can also negate incoming fire even while orbed, meaning the effect is negated while still drawing focus from your allies.