Ana needs some sort of self-heal

And no, bio-nade doesn’t count. That ability is one of the strongest in game and shouldn’t be used to heal myself 75 damage. However, every other support has an easy way to heal without wasting a precious ability with a long cooldown. What would you guys think is a good way to save Ana from dying on her way to a health pack?

Lol? She needs a self heal but her self heal doesn’t count.


every hero needs a weakness. Ana has strong healing, anti heal, sleep cc and a very strong ult. lack of sustain and low mobility are suppose to be her weaknesses. its balanced.


how would you nerf her if you remove one of her weaknesses then?
she would need a large enough nerf to create a new weakness if you buff her this way


Ana is the best main healer. She doesn’t need more self-healing.

Zenyatta has to avoid damage for 3 seconds. Brigitte has to damage an enemy to activate inspire.

If you’re finding yourself desperate for self healing as Ana then your other healer needs to pull their finger out, plain and simple.

Well, thank you guys for the insight on the topic. I am happy that you guys replied and debated civilly (some discussions turn into deathmatches lol). I do understand that this weakness is to balance her. I’ve just always gotten very frustrated with being disturbed from healing by damage that could have been undone as other supports. I guess that’s more of a me thing.

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I don’t think Ana needs any buffs right now considering her high pickrate, winrate, and oppressiveness. She kind of dominates over the other supports right now.