Ana needs a movement ability

Ana getting away from harm heavily relies on either her teammates or if her sleep dart hits. Even then the sleep dart if good for one enemy. The other supports have ways of getting away. And before you mention zen that boy is the definition of “Don’t need to run away if they are all dead.” Also his ult can save his butt pretty well.

But I’d like to see some kind ability for Ana to get away. Maybe a roll or a grapple of sorts?

What do you all think?

I think they said they weren’t planning on giving ana a movement ability since it would take away one of her weaknesses and they want all the heroes to have their own strengths and weaknesses


She absolutely does not need mobility. Ever.


Ana is fine.

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They said Ana won’t be getting mobility to let her keep her weaknesses. If they ever go back on that, she would probably get a roll like McCree has


I’d be down for that as long as it reloads her weapon like it does for mccree

As long as she gets a significant nerf to another part of her kit then sure.

So she has:

  • Hitscan Damage
  • High Hitstcan Healing
  • Burst Healing
  • Healing Amp
  • Healing Block
  • Hard CC(Sleep)
  • Powerful Ult

And you want to give her mobility too?

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honestly she just needs some sort of healing regeneration. at least like 3hps, idk something minor

Jeff already said they wouldn’t because they want each to have strengths AND weaknesses.

besides, she (and other snipers) shouldn’t be up front nor mid but in the back

and they proceed to buff widowmaker and hanzo in mobility even though their weakness was they have really low mobility options.

Hmmmmm, interesting.

I do agree ana needs no mobility ability, and needs no buff, shes already meta.

Ana lost her chance at mobility/survivability buffs after the support changes happened

Ana doesn’t need any buffs at all, thanks.

The DEVs already stated that they’re not interested on improving her stated weaknesses — her lack of mobility and her poor self heal. Anything else is fair game however.

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Giving her a movement WOULD make her as OP as everyone is claiming that she is now.


Quite honestly… Ana is fine at this time. Her ult got just what it needed and her dmg buff from before is what helped her the most. The meta also shifted in her favor. She has clear weaknesses but she has insane strengths if you use her correctly.

I believe she’s fine and what every character should aspire to be balanced at.