Ana? Main healer? NEVER


Probably because they feel despite this she’s healing more than they feel is appropriate.


Ana has more healing per second.


There’s many reasons Mercy is picked over Ana, and aiming is not in the top 3 reasons.

Mercy has better survivability, mobility, and utility (constant damage boost whenever, and then Resurrect) than Ana does.

Mercy’s healing was technically a revert, not a nerf. And her core problem is still everything else she can do better than Ana, especially Resurrect. Mercy can also solo-heal even at higher levels; we’ve seen it being done in OWL games with triple-tank, a reason Ana was nerfed into the ground way back when.

It’s all round a bit of a problem.


And Ana has hard time healing when she is seprated on the ground and team is flying around second third floors.
Her healing is limited to close LOS or certain maps that has good views

I kinda think she is almost Moira without fade.


One of the main reasons that Ana isn’t ever going to put out as much healing as Mercy is because she has another job as well. Ana also needs to repel squishy heroes and shut down ultimates.


I hope this helps to clarify.


They actually have, Mercy was increased to 60 HPS to compete with Ana. And the Ana-nade’s healing boost was halved. Which put a big dent on Ana’s healing output.


Which is why I am saying that Ana will never be what they want her to be unless they make it so that she can provide a reliable and sustainable amount of healing.


No OP. You could be the best Ana in the world and high level players would still want Mercy or Moira. Because Ana can’t heal through barriers or matrix, which Mercy, Zen, and Lucio can, and she can’t fight inside those barriers and survive like Moira.


Yes but THE REASON why her healing is so significantly different is that she has a lock-on healing ability, therefore, providing sustainable and reliable heals, whereas Ana has to aim and shoot heals into allies.


I just posted this in another thread, to dispel this myth.


When Ana was her strongest, it had nothing to do with aim. She’d follow along Roadhog with her rifle stuck up his butt. It was impossible to miss. Her Biotic Grenade lasted six seconds and did 100% healing bonus rather than 50%. Again, nothing to do with aim there. Ana’s strength has never been in aim, and aim wasn’t required when she was strongest.

The fact is, her healing is actually countered by barriers and defense matrix.

If a Winston drops a bubble between Ana and her team, there is straight up nothing she can do to help her team in those crucial 2-3 seconds.


Bad hero design. IMO. Blizzard should fix her instead of changing another support healer.


Okay? What’s your point?

Should we just give Ana lock-on healing? Maybe we’ll give Widow lock on damage too.

This nerf will only serve to help Ana. Now she might be able to keep up with Mercy a little better in healing, while also providing a ton of utility as well. Mercy will still certainly be the strongest main healer, but it’s still a straight up nerf and will only serve to help the other two main healers.


She was strongest during triple tank. Anyone can aim at tanks like road hog with a huge hitbox. Less aim required. Further proves my point.


lmao no it won’t. Ana will still be considered a throw pick and Mercy will still be on every serious team.


In what way does a direct nerf to Ana’s competition and a direct buff to herself not help her?

I did not say that she was going to be picked over Mercy anywhere. In fact, I straight up said that Mercy would still be the best healer.

It does serve to help Ana. Maybe not enough, but it only helps her.


She is nothing like Moira.


The buff to Ana and the nerf to Mercy, doesn’t address in the slightest why people play Mercy (or any other healer) over Ana. I outlined my argument to another poster a couple posts above. Barriers and matrix make it impossible for Ana to heal, and she can’t survive inside those effects the way Moira can.



Whether or not it actually addresses Ana or Mercy’s core issues, it is still a direct nerf to Mercy and a direct Buff to Ana. That only serves to make Ana better than she was yesterday. She still probably won’t see any more play than she did yesterday, but at least she is one small step closer to closing the gap.

I don’t see what you’re not understanding about my point here.