Ana is the only support without self heal

How about a situation where she heals herself for ~ 15/20% of the healing she does with her primary fire? Wouldn’t require any fancy new animations or learning of new skills. Self-heal is only tied to LMB, so wouldn’t proc off of biotic grenade.


If we make certain abilities (like selfheal) mandatory for healers we’ll just end up with more copy-and-paste heros.


Too late for that. All the supports cept her already have it.


We’re already there. Every support has it except for Ana, and she’s useless as a result. I suppose they could go back and remove the ability from other supports but that seems less likely than just giving it to Ana.


Ana has self-heal, throw a bio-nade at your feet with missing health, the only SUPPORTS who can’t heal themselves are Zen and Symmetra, that’s not healing it’s shield regen, Zarya has the same thing and you don’t see Zarya getting medals for healing…


Geoff’s post in case some haven’t read it yet:


Did you read past the first paragraph? The rest of the post was all about how having to use biotic grenade to heal completely undermines Ana’s playstyle.

As for the Zenyatta thing, it’s semantic. He can recover health that he loses without having to be healed by someone else or pick up a health pack.


Yeah and that makes Ana the worst support; she has to burn her MAIN utility tool and MAIN support tool to stay alive

No other support does that

Also Zen, Sym, and Zarya have self sustain? Mercy’s passive doesn’t add to healing done either

That’s why? Like what a crazy reason to keep Ana super terrible. Because Shield health recharges


Which is still 100% stupid

Sure she doesn’t need mobility

But a self-heal is 100% needed to make her usable

What strength does she offer that isn’t negated by having to use her grenade on herself, that the other supports (EVERY support) has that she doesn’t?


Moria can’t use her primary fire to heal herself. Her secondary fire has this life leach thing going on, but that is really not something you can keep yourself alive with.

Most of the time she to use the healing orb which is the same ability Ana has to use to heal herself. Moira and Ana are pretty similar in terms of selfsustain. However Ana’s grenade is on a longer cooldown and that is a problem.

However having the Junkrat solution (can throw two grenades) or having a lower cooldown are both terrifying buffs.

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What really annoys me is that some of the things he lists as a benefit, are actually detriments. Ana having an offensive ult instead of a support ult sucks! Her ult overall is pretty weak, but even if it wasn’t, it’s not like the game is lacking in offensive ults that having one more instead of a support one hurts.

Her long range, yeah it’s great when you can actually make use of it, but when you do, you also become a free kill to any flanker because she has no self sustain or reliable escape. So to get the most use out of her it requires her to be in the thick of things.

I’d really like to know what Mercy’s weakness is. She has amazing healing, mobility, range, sustain, and utility. Even her ult, while lack luster is better than Ana’s. Only thing Mercy doesn’t have is a high burst heal, which is half a weakness at best.


I know, but I might have to test out Mercy’s self heal with friends by making a mode where she can only self heal, I’ll get back with you on that one and I agree with the OP though that outside of her Bio-Nade, she has no form of self heal, I am literally the worst Ana player(just the worst sniper in general) you’ll see, I’d miss all my scoped shots but hit half of my unscoped shots, and don’t expect me to hit a frozen Roadhog with a sleep dart while he’s in a Junkrat trap, and under the effects of Flashbang and shield bash, he’s not sleeping(ok maybe I’m not that bad but close to it) and I think she needs buffed I just said she does technically have self healing and that Zen doesn’t(as well as Symmetra being a support) because it’s a bit of OCD I have from my autism


Yes, I suppose it’s her right click and not her left click, either way Moira can heal herself without having to use a cooldown ability, which Ana can’t do. It’s not a lot of healing, but it’s enough to get rid of chip damage which is all Ana really needs. If Moira gets chipped down she can heal it back by doing some damage, if Ana gets chipped down she has to use her grenade.

I don’t think the grenade needs buffs at all, all that is needed is a small amount of self-healing so that the grenade can actually be impactful.


That’s amazing logic. Have the sniper healer, who should be away from the team, guarded by the 2 healers who are supposed to be with the team.

Ana is a sniper, and snipers really have no place in this game. Blizzard wanted to appeal to everybody though and craved that 360noscopel33txxxsniperxxx money so this is what happens.

Give her the speed boost ult back and let her be played for her ult and she’d be fine again.


let me clarify something for you, you have a 2nd healer

Anas problem isnt that she has “no self sustain” because she has and its part of her skillset to properly manage her cooldowns

Anas problem is that Mercys Rez in combination with her Damage Boost makes mercy far too strong

“Zen has self healing but Ana doesn’t”
When Genji dives Zen he doesn’t have self healing, but when Genji dives Ana she does.


That’s a good point.


Being healed form very long ranges? No Ana plays like that, at least at higher levels. Her ult is offensive favored but same can be said about all the others, they give you more room to be more aggressive and be more reckless. Mercy’s ult could potentially provide 30% damage boost to everyone and she has amazing mobility and amazing self healing while still having great utility. So quite frankly I dont know why they keep making excuses for her. She needs help!

Ana is a sniper. She is usually playing away from her team for long range heals and safety, but when she gets dived, she has a measly 100 healing to spare, a skillshot sleep to gamble her life, and an unforgiving htibox on her hipfire shots.

Zen plays WITH his team. If HE gets dived, his other healer can back him up, his tanks can protect him, and the DPS can fight off his attackers. If he’s alone, he can try to fight the enemy though, as he can be a serious threat. Ana is a healer with some DPS. Zen is a DPS with some heals. She NEEDS to be able to sustain herself for longer than she can right now in order to be viable.


Ana’s lack of mobility and self-healing is an intentional weakness of her design.


This doesn’t mean they’ll never give her some additional self-sustain in the future, but for now I think it’s exceedingly unlikely. Odds are they see threads like this saying that Ana can’t reliably self-heal and their immediate reaction is “yes, that’s the point.”