Ana is literally unplayable

oo that’d be a fun gameplay mechanic, healing every target shot in the darts path. tho i could see it possibly being a bit too intrusive and oppresive to a more general style of ana play, which would probably still be necessary

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that is, i imagine pro wanna be ana players always only ever trying to ‘line up’ the perfect heal shots and forgoeing individual, less bang for ya buck, type shots. it might be a bit mutually opposing with traditional gameplay

As you’re saying, you’re making good use of it in CROWDED AREAS which means you’re pretty close to the fight, yes? It’s made her more viable in close quarters/when the team is clumped up.

This change allows us to be in the middle of our team, giving up on our range advantage but STILL not getting anything. That would make the “you’re high range, that’s your strength” argument worthless.

Blizz ain’t gonna give her a real buff and Hanzo is most likely gonna get 200 HP selfheal every time he uses his lunge to have his other weakness removed as well in the next patch while we get another 4 shots more into our clip and instead of healing people which aren’t full health it will pass through them as well. xD

im not argueing for this, but just to play devil’s advocate (and suggest a fix while im at it xP), say perhaps that were considered OPd. maybe the dart should heal less as it travels through additional targets/teammates, with, oh lets say, the 5th and final teammate it POTENTIALLY can tag, recieving no healing at all… lololol or maybe even recieving the toxic dps effects of the dart usually reserved for enemy targets lolol

anyway, nothin too serious comin from my position of discussion in the moment, jus havin a bit of fun :stuck_out_tongue:

lol how abt it dmgs full health teammates so as to teach them pesky players to not get in the way of the shot

I wouldn’t even be surprised the way they currently treat her. Going all out on other heroes but being conservative af on Ana. Sadly, they don’t want her to be good. Almost all the changes she has gotten recently are buffs in terms of damage.

oh oops, i misunderstood here. you meant cash-back as in ammo expended to hit full hp targets?? well… im not exactly inspired by that idea… in fact i find it almost as jarring and nonsensical as shooting through full hp targets xP
i mean, not NEARLY as jarring, but i generally keep a rough estimate of my ammo count at all times, nawmean? that might mess me up, ya feel??

You are 110% right. I thought it was a huge nerf before. Now I get used to it, I think it does help when everybody is packed. However I lost the joy I had playing Ana. I basically just spam my shots hopping it will heal or damage the right target. It’s easier now but less rewarding. It also feels very weird and I still miss pre-healing.

Okay, there may or may not have been a couple misread tidbits of this or taht or there this morning, while we’ve been discussing things about ana (maybe just on my part lol).
BUT, its whatevs at this point, because i just had a brilliant idea, concerning the specific ideas you’ve been contributing to the thread (also me replying to most of your posts and perhaps being a bit over enthusiastic lol).

but yah, what if ana had a penetrating healing shot that healed additional targets it pierces through, at reduced rate per healing of course heh, while also healing herself for tagging a full hp target, or perhaps getting a bit self-heal for HPS?? this would encourage a very intrinsically different style of play, i.e. ‘my shots line up their marks’, and i dunno if im i would even be for serious down with it yet, but its intrigueing

I’m don’t have the most time in her. I just picked her up in the last 2 months but I my healing has improved 1-2k healing of my average. In points where our team is funneled and you have to squeeze shots through doorways it sucks because the dart are forgiving in the hit box on allies. So I couldn’t hit past 1 or 2 targets to hit who I needed and they just die. I don’t know how higher level Anna players handled those. But I can see pocket healing can be worse because of this.

No, as in you hit a person that needs health and gain health as well c: As long as the person needs health, you too should be able to gain it back. If there is nobody that needs help, that’s where the biotic glass needle thing she throws can come in if need be.

Of course, I want the original way she used to “hit” back, where you can pre heal team mates. That needs to be back I feel as i totally feel you when it comes to hitting your teammates so randomly without aim, as most just go right through things now. I just think a pre heal mechanic or passive that allows Ana to get self healing is needed, especially since she is a sniper, on ground, without any means of her own protection since she can’t “spread about” or “get away” like Hanzo or Widow can c:

Yup well that would work too and keep all the benefits providing you aren’t penalised for darts travelling through full HP allies.

Every ‘healed’ target after the first (i.e. non full HP) receives 15HP less healing.

For example:

You --> wounded ally --> wounded ally --> wounded ally --> wounded ally

Heals = 75, 60, 45, 30…

You --> full HP ally --> wounded ally --> full HP ally --> wounded ally

Heals = none, 75, none, 60

…the only issue is that the ‘pre-healing’ is harder to calculate on the full HP unless you just use the new target’s heal value for this part.

Taking the last example that would be:

You --> full HP ally --> wounded ally --> full HP ally --> wounded ally

Heals = 75 ‘pre-heal’, 75, 60 ‘pre-heal’, 60

Right on point!

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Figuratively. Literally would mean you could not pick her or if you could she would not respond to any commands.

2 weeks, 550+ replies and no response :cry:


Well atleast LFG is here, hype no ?.. :unamused:

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Why would they respond? xD Blizzard has NO CLUE AT ALL about what to do with Ana. They’ve just shown us. It’s only ever gonna be clip-size increases. And I can tell you why. They just don’t realize that it actually takes skill to heal as ana (opposed to Moira and Mercy who literally need to have allies in their viewport). “Oh, you’re ranged. That’s your power!” they also fail to see that there are 10+ heroes that can simply jump and kill her within seconds if she’s away from her team. They nerfed Biotic grenade’s healing increase, yet give Moira even more burst healing with M1 + Orb than Ana had before the nerf. At this point I have no hope for Ana. Low skill is being rewarded more and more… Everything is being dumbed down so hard. And the highskill heroes? “Stay in the pathetic place you’re in and rot!” Literally…

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I Just made a post in the PTR Feedback section. Since a new cycle of testing has started, hopefully developers will see it and consider throwing it in to test alongside these features.

Hopefully it will get some good responses or just get picked up by the devs anyway!

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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Still no answer or feedback… Papa Jeff pls. :confused:

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20 days later I’ve changed my mind and now think this is a great change! It’s a lot less satisfying prehealing people and a little sad having lower accuracy, but it’s really really handy sniping allies (and enemies) in the distance from behind tanks.

I’ve also gotten a few cheeky accidental elims by firing at full hp allies about to take damage out of habit and having the darts hit low hp enemies in front of them.