Ana is a Useless Waste of a Healer


What team comps are you playing against with Ana that sleeps are hard to land. Sure, sleeping a Genji is hard, but not a tank. And it’s really hard to miss shots with Ana on tanks. Try playing her in more of those comps?

As it stands, funnily enough I’d rather play Ana than say Mercy against any dive tank. Her escape really isn’t enough against a persistent Winston. Same for Moira. But Ana can easily land a sleep on him, and either get her team to finish him, or simply walk away.


Don’t scope she got a huge hit box for team mates tell your Zen/Brigitte to heal if you can’t aim with flankers hero.
Ho and console got aim assist to LUL.


Well that’s the problem right there bud. No one cares about console, not even Blizz themselves.

Also, Zen also needs LOS, so does brig to an extant, as well as Mercy’s GA, and the others have area healing. Like, I’m sorry you’re thinking Ana is garbage when truth is she takes skill, and you can get more skilled the more you play the game?


GM console should have a lot of people with K/M “cheaters” so matchmaking became strange
mechanically superior but maybe less team-play and tactic from those players


“Oh, it’s fine we have a healer!”. No you don’t. You have a Mercy. This is not a healer. Because:

  1. She needs line of sight
  2. She is a liability
  3. She has a DPS ultimate
  4. Her utility is non-existent

Fixed your post :wink:


Ana is best!
No, Mercy is best!
No, Moira is best!

Enemy team rolls in with Goats playing the three off healers together and wins.


Change it from mercy to Moira and I agree with you 100%