Ana is a Useless Waste of a Healer


I’m sorry, but these videos are utterly UNspectacular! The game generates “best clips” for everything - it doesn’t mean they’re examples of superlative play.

Also, individual 25 second clips can show anything. I mean even I slept an ulting Genji twice in the same game. This one example doesn’t prove that Ana is worth anything on gold console, nor that I’m some genius Ana player. We all have those rare, sick shots!

What I’m looking for is entire QP games on gold level console with Ana. I want to see the positioning. I want to see how she deals with flanking Genjis, and Tracers. I want to see how she can heal Genjis on her own team who can’t sit still.

I want to see her throw her grenades into the middle of the enemy team again and again without dying, and with her team following up. I want to see impact throughout an entire match.

But I haven’t been able to see any such clips.


i’m sorry someone didn’t know how to play ana on your team


All Ana really needs is a second healer to back her up when she misses those shots


I climbed right out of gold with Ana on console. My accuracy is above average even for Pc, and I will 360 Reapers consistently just by hearing his foot steps.

Beg blizzard to nerf her ult and give her some mobility


I’d say they should move A LOT of her value from her gun, on console only, to her grenade. Console Overwatch does not get balanced enough seperately from PC atm.


Ana on console has to be treated differently than on PC. At the lower ranks, she is best slotted as the offhealer due to her aim requirements. It’s best to pair her with a Mercy, Moira, or Lucio with his aura parked on heal.

As you rise in ranks on console, her reliability increases to the point you can use her as a main healer. I would still avoid using her as a solo healer in all but the most esoteric comps.


This post is a useless space on the forums, I don’t even play Ana yet I know how useful she is. Just because you had a bad one doesn’t mean all of them are like that.


Its built into the game.


Yea but Ana is fun tho and the rest of the healers aren’t


Whenever I play her, sure.


How so?


Ana is a skillbased healer. So the higher the SR, the better she is. At gold and below SR, prob not the best to have an Ana as main heals.


As far as i know its an option enabled by default on consoles to compensate the controllers problems with fps gameplay.


Is this a personal memoir of you playing Ana or something?


And then… everything was clear xd


I mean… if its a gold ana hitting those shots then its not a gold ana, its a plat ana. You are putting the ana in a hypothetical situation where shes somehow gold but she hits all the shots and has amazing gamesense with utility??? Thats not gold. Get better and then talk


As someone who used to main pre-buff Ana in Gold on Console during Mercy meta, I’m still confused.


You’re playing a shooter.
With a controller.

At some point in your life you decided that playing a ::Shooter:: with a ::controller:: would be a good idea.

A shooter in which you aim with a controller.
Do you use the thumbstick or the little cross-boye for aiming?
“The thumbstick ofcourse, it would be completely stupid and irrational to not use the thumbstick for aiming”~I hear you say.

Now you aim in your shooter, with the thumbsticks of your controller and thought it a wise decision.
Youre now making a thread about your shooter which you play via a controller in which you claim, that people wouldnt be aiming very well.

I don’t know. I’d like to repeat it even more often, but I’ll already admit that something in your decision-making-process seems to be faulty here, not Ana.


Ana is based mostly on a TF2 Gun called Crusader Crossbow. (I think) so its kinda hard to see what else you can say its a healer.
Ana is a healer if she heals, otherwise she isnt much worth it. She is like at that pinnacle point of where Sym used to be in Support when Ana cant aim.

Otherwise she is a great healer.


Gold player complain ana is useless :)))