Ana getting an increased mag size and darts going through full HP teammates

Getting a buff?..

What… kind of miracle is this?..
Have the Gods finally listened to us?..

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Well I mean ,Tracer got nerfed so anything is possible.

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Well I barely see threads about Ana needing to be buffed.

But at last the grandma can at least be useful.


I actually ran some numbers yesterday because I liked the idea of her passive being a form of self-sustain; I came up with the idea that around 15% of each shot landed (dmg and heals) would be around 13 to 15 hp, and thought it was good since Lucio’s passive heals him for 13 hps.


Nice to see Ana buffs but worried this is taking the wrong direction and not addressing her real problems.

The magazine size buff is definitely appreciated for sure and will indeed help with timing reloads and overall sustained healing uptime.

However, the darts going through allies at full health is a double edged sword - I do like that you’ll be able to heal that flanker in the distance that is being body blocked by a tank in front of you, however, I frequently use ‘pre-healing’ on a target already at full health.

By this I mean the ‘healing over time’ slight ticks you get with the healing allows you to maintain an ally at full health (or save them from a sudden burst).

For example, it is very helpful against Pharah that you know at any moment might take a huge load of damage.

These buffs don’t address Ana’s lack of self healing without the use if the biotic grenade and lack of wall climb (or similar) to reach the neccessary high ground to snipe effectively.

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ana points arm cannon of nano at skull


shoots self

gets 7 kills

still doesn’t get play


LMAO - so true - love it! :smiley:


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Also I sort of like the idea of self- nanoboost being available in the regular game.

I know it is a bit if a waste in the majority of situations but it would help her survivability in a clutch situation in an emergency (a bit like Zen using an emergency transcendance or Mercy using Valkarie to survive another day).

Also could have some nasty surprises if you had a NanoAna + Orisa supercharger + zen’s discord on a target!

I’m sure someone will run the maths but it’d probably end up in 1-shot squishie kills for a few seconds and some interesting combos!

May be better sometimes than a surprise nano on a team mate when they aren’t ready that gets wasted.

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and if they really want to make the self nano boost viable they could make it so that nano effects ana differently. maybe with a fire rate increase or halved cooldowns.