Ana Change Doesn't Do Much

I mean, it’s a nice QoL change but I really don’t think this makes Ana any stronger. To me her ult needs some kind of element that allows it to actually support and she needs a more reliable way to survive dive. I like the idea of being able to nano herself to increase her own healing output and perhaps adding a small HoT that only applies to her when she uses her nade (maybe 75 hp over 3 seconds). The latter would not only help her survive dive but would also be very nice QoL in that Ana can heal herself and her team with the nade without sacrificing her position deep in the back line (which is her most unique quality as a healer).


Yeah it genuinely does nothing. In fact, it should probably be an option tbh. I prefer being able to hit full targets rather than waiting for them to take damage as she heals over time. Really helpful when theyre about to peek a corner and you can get some healing in b4 they do.


Yeah it definitely takes away the ability to preemptively heal. The one thing I do like about is that people who are full health can’t intercept your shots, namely tanks with their big bodies. I also like that you can shoot through your tanks to deal damage without having to give up any protective position. I agree that making it a toggle option would be best.


Everyone was saying the Reaper buffs and Mei buffs meant nothing, and yet they did end up being useful. These small buffs stack up, especially when small nerfs come at the same time. Brigitte is still very powerful right now, but Ana’s kit logically counters it (distance + antiheal). But even though Ana’s kit logically counters it, Ana is weak and Brigitte is strong right now. These small nerfs + small buffs between hero dynamics like this change the game a lot more than you might think.

Just look at the dynamic between Reaper and Reaper has struggled against for forever now, but his buffs vs D.vas nerfs have made Reaper into the counter for her he is meant to be without making him too powerful outside of his niche.

Don’t get me wrong, Ana definitely needs more help, but these small changes will definitely affect the viability of Ana

Ana is getting more PTR changes, they just didn’t make it into this build

I don’t even dislike Mercy or Moira, but god am I excited to have more options for main support. I can’t wait for Ana to be in a more healthy place

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I like Mercy a lot, same with Brigitte. But holy hell do I have a blast with Ana. She’s SO freakin’ fun. So any buffs to her that aren’t over-the-top are super welcome in my book

I think this will be an excellent buff, too. Because I often find myself reloading when I REALLY wish I had just one or two more shots to heal my tank :smiley:

It’s so weird, having more bullets is definitely a good thing for her viability, but 14 just feels like such a weird number. I even expected 12, but 14 just looks odd to me lol. I’m happy though

Personally I love numbers in increments of 5 lol

So that’s definitely a bizarre number. Iwonder what led them to 14…

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