Ana can sleep Dva's bomb and Torb's turret

Title, kinda fun bug

Is this within the Experimental mode, or is it affecting all gamemodes?

Thanks for the report, we are actively looking into this issue.


LMAO no way! I need to see this :rofl:

Yep just tested, this is in effect everywhere.

Please don’t fix it just yet I wanna see when I get home lol

After some more testing it seems it also affects symmetra turrets.

Does not have effect on Junkrat his trap or riptire.

That is amazing. Does anything happen with the dva bomb, or does the empty mech just play the sleeping movement for a second before it blows up? And does the turret actually stop firing? I wonder if its all things. Sym Turret? Riptire?

Edit: That’s a yes on the turrets in general. Brilliant.

I’m still testing myself to see what will have more effect.

And yes whenever the bomb is slept it’ll just lay there until it explodes.
Would have provided gifs but i’m currently not at my good setup, so sorry.

Also has effect on Baptiste his immortality field!

Hammond mines are not affected.

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You can sleep

  • Venom Mines
  • Baptiste immortality field
  • Orisa supercharger
  • Sym teleporter
  • Sym turret
  • Torb turret
  • Dva bomb

Tldr; Ana may technically be a better hacker than Sombra as she can halt things Sombra cant?